20 Distressed Jeans Styles 2017

Ripped jeans, with a barely noticeable or huge holes at the knees, hips or hardly torn along the entire length of the leg is the fashion horror of the older generation and, at the same time, the favorite casual denim piece for young people. Over the years ripped denim continues to inspire designers to create new styles. Some jeans are shocking and puzzling, other denim pants become the highlights of casual style, making it fresh and non-trivial.

We have been known our beloved distressed jeans from the 70s, when they appeared in the forefront of the punk style. Today only the followers of conservative outfits consider the ripped jeans as a fashion challenge, while for most of us, even for those who do not wear denim with holes at the knees, distressed jeans is a quite common wardrobe piece.

Fashion trends for distressed jeans 2017

If we take a look at the runway pictures with outfits based on ripped jeans, we will see, that there are no strict style restrictions for them. The current collections include relaxed boyfriend jeans, rolled up and worn, neat close fit skinny jeans, straight-leg and flared jeans – everything in distressed denim, dark or washed light blue, black and grey.

For years we have been stick to the idea that distressed jeans don’t need any other decoration. Today that requirement is no longer working, and these ripped denim pants may have some edgy additional design elements like embroidery, appliqués, crystals and metal studs.

fringe distressed jeans
washed distressed jeans
Alexander Wang
straight-leg distressed jeans
Dolce & Gabbana
crystal embellished ripped jeans
Dolce & Gabbana
cropped distressed jeans
distressed skinny jeans
grey destroyed straight leg jeans
Golden Goose
white-blue ripped jeans
applique rippes jeans
House of Holland
dark blue distressed skinny jeans
J Brand
distressed boyfriend jeans
J Brand
classic washed ripped jeans
Jacob Cohen
cropped oversized distressed jeans
MM6 Maison Margiela
patchwork skinny jeans
Pierre Balmain
ripped flared jeans
Rag & Bone
skinny jeans ripped at the knees
Saint Laurent
washed distressed skinny jeans
Saint Laurent
straight-leg oversized distressed jeans
light blue ripped jeans
low-waisted ripped skinny jeans