Beautiful Swedish Cities For a Curious Traveler

The towns of Sweden in the pictures seem unremarkable to many people with the exception of travelers who are in love with Scandinavian aesthetics. But if you are attentive, patient and inquisitive, Sweden will open before your eyes the charm of a cozy small streets with many shops with nice stuff from local designers, that made famous the country in the whole world. After all, the beloved IKEA is originally from Sweden, where people like to combine practicality, minimalism and bright accents.

We present you the best cities and towns in Sweden, recommended for a tourist visit.


The capital and the heart of Sweden, a major port in the Baltic sea, occupying 14 islands. Stockholm is considered the unofficial capital of Scandinavia. The city has around 80 museums, and every year hosts a mass of musical and other cultural festivals. To many travelers Stockholm seem not so picturesque it has its own charm, which lies in small details and the atmosphere.



The second largest city in Sweden, which is considered to be the culinary capital of the country. Here you can visit lots of interesting restaurants of local cuisine. In Gothenburg you may visit Liseberg Park, the largest attraction park in Scandinavia.



Malmö is modern, dynamic, bright and friendly city. Above the low buildings of the city stands a residential building named “Turning Torso”, 190 m height. Until the Cayan tower appeared in Dubai in 2013 it was the world’s tallest twisted building.



Lund is close to Malmö. One of the main attractions of the city is the University founded in 1666, as well as Lund Cathedral.



The birthplace of the great Swedish Director Ingmar Bergman, the seat of the Archbishop of the Church of Sweden. The University of Uppsala (founded in 1477) and his Cathedral, the oldest in Scandinavia.



Visby is located on Gotland island, which are known as the oldest Islands of Sweden. Visby is very picturesque and attracts many tourists every year. Historical city listed as a World heritage site by UNESCO.



Helsingborg is 40 minute drive from Malmö. The city boasts of plenty of attractions along the coast. Here you will see medieval castles, fortresses, palaces, towers, town halls, which form the architectural image of the city.



Ystad is cute, colorful and charming town which is one of the most comfortable in Skåne. Old houses will remind you about the architecture of Central Europe.



Kiruna, located in Lapland, is a unique tourist option for those who want to explore the Northern part of Sweden. This small town is surrounded by majestic mountains and beautiful lakes. Here you can go skiing, fishing, or hiking in the mountains. The famous Ice Hotel, the world’s first hotel made of ice, is located here.



Only an hour drive from Stockholm in the city of Västerås is the largest port of Sweden. Despite the fact that the city is primarily industrial, it has a lot to show travelers. Monuments of the Middle Ages and modern architectural structures that complement the exquisite nature of Westeros, with its wonderful parks.



In the XVI century the Swedish king Charles granted the status of a town to this small village. Karlstad stands in lake Vernon – the largest in the South of the country. In addition to the Cathedral and University, one of the attractions of Karlstad is a massive bridge in the center of the city, built in the XVIII century.



Örebro is a small and quiet town, not devoid of interesting sights. Orebro castle built in XIII century today is a powerful architectural structure of all town. In the XIX century the castle was rebuilt, and in 1935 it entered the list of the main national monuments of the country.



Kalmar is one of the oldest cities in Sweden because of its beautiful historical part. The main monument of architecture is a Renaissance castle, the city also has many interesting museums and beautiful parks.



Bright, colorful and friendly town was founded in the X century and to this day hasn’t lost its medieval charm. It is situated on lake Malaren, where you can ride on the boat, this adds to this picturesque town attractiveness for the traveler eyes.