Eyeshadow Colors For Blue Eyes

Blue eyes rarely have a bright strong color, often taking on the impact of other shades, increasing or becoming muted. Choosing the right eyeshadow color for blue eyes should emphasize the natural beauty without making the makeup raffish, so easy to admit, especially for blondes with fair skin. We present you the most suitable eyeshadow colors for blue eyes using the example of celebrities.

Soft pink eyeshadow for fair skinned blondes

With light subtle shades of pink eyeshadow you create a soft, romantic and very feminine makeup. Such options are perfect for blondes with blue or gray-blue eyes, for which it is not recommended to wear bright and expressive shades that will make them coarse and heavy looking.

pink eyeshadow for blue eyes

Cool lavender/lilac eyeshadow for blue eyes and cool color type

While dark shades of purple eyeshadow are more suitable for green and dark-brown eyes, girls with blue eyes and any hair color should try a pale lilac or soft cool pink eyeshadow.

lilac lavender eyeshadow for blue eyes

Metallic gray and light blue eyeshadow for cool blondes

This is a classic makeup for blue-eyed girls, and this color palette is a must have for your purse. Choosing the colors closely related to the natural eye color is a wise beauty option. Going this way you can create a neutral, simple makeup without overloading your face with color.

blue eyeshadow for blue eyes

silver eyeshadow for blue eyes

Neutral beige-brown eyeshadow for an elegant makeup

It is believed that the beige-brown eyeshadow palette is the prerogative of brown-eyed beauties. On the one hand, girls with brown eyes look really expressive and elegant, depending on the depth of the tone. But for blue eyes light brown shades are also suitable, both matte and with a soft pearl shine.

beige eyeshadow for blue eyes

Golden eyeshadow for soft contrasting makeup

Eyeshadow with a golden or bronze tint is ideal for girls with blue eyes and brown or red hair. Golden shade, makes the eye color brighter and more expressive. This beauty look seems especially beautiful combined with gold shining tops and blouses.

golden eyeshadow for blue eyes

Matte navy blue eyeshadow for dramatic evening makeup

For women who don’t hesitate to do a kind of dramatic makeup with darker eyeshadows, we can recommend the evening beauty look created with the help of matte navy blue eyeshadow. You will look irresistible with the blue shaded smoky eyes or with color applied in a simple plain technique.

navy eyeshadow for blue eyes

Celebrity makeup for blue eyes

Miranda Kerr

Australian supermodel has the kind or appearance that we call baby face. Her blue almond-shaped eyes and natural chestnut hair require makeup with natural brown eyeshadow.

Miranda Kerr beige eyeshadow for blue eyes

Taylor Swift

Taylor has the classic cold summer color type, and her narrow little blue eyes may look fabulous with different eyeshadow colors. At the picture we see Taylor in two versions of makeup: with metallic blue-gray shadows and with warm beige brown shades.

Taylor Swift eyeshadow for blue eyes

Saoirse Ronan

Irish actress has grey-blue eyes that change shade depending on the color of her hair, outfits and lighting. At the first pic Saoirse is taken with golden eyeshadow, which fits perfectly with her warm honey hair. At the other picture the actress is wearing eye makeup in golden olive color that blends beautifully with her sparkling golden blouse.

Saoirse Ronan eyeshadow for blue eyes

Hilary Rhoda

This brunette with expressive strong face, wide bushy eyebrows and grey-blue eyes is a long term beauty ambassador of the cosmetic brand Estée Lauder. Hillary can try different makeup in cool colors, including lilac or lavender shades for the delicate look.

Hilary Rhoda eyeshadow for blue eyes

Reese Witherspoon

Reese is a bright smiling blonde girl with gray-blue eyes. The actress appears on the red carpet with delicate makeup in natural shades that don’t drown out her natural beauty. Lavender-pink, light blue and golden-beige eyeshadow emphasize perfectly her beauty look.

Reese Whitherspoon eyeshadow for blue eyes

Barbara Palvin

Hungarian model with gray-blue eyes and brown hair can do different types of makeup on the runway and in advertising campaigns. Barbara’s eyes go well with brown, gray, teal, taupe, orange eyeshadow.

Barbara Palvin eyeshadow for blue eyes

Doutzen Kroes

Doutzen has a delicate feminine color type with blue eyes and natural blond hair with warm honey or caramel shades. However, the Dutch beauty appears in public with dramatic smoky eyes in gray and blue.

Doutzen Kroes eyeshadow for blue eyes

Ashley Benson

Ashley Benson can wear both warm and cool colors of eyeshadow. It all depends on the shade of hair. For example, a warm beige-golden eyeshadow for her blue eyes go well with natural warm blonde, while the cool pink shade is more suitable for hair with platinum highlights.

Ashley Benson eyeshadow for blue eyes

Emily Didonato

This ashy brown haired beauty with huge bright blue eyes is more beautiful in expressive makeup with navy blue shadows. Her cold color type becomes even more profound, dramatic and sexy.

Emily Didonato eyeshadow for blue eyes

January Jones

Classic Hollywood blonde with gold platinum hair and blue eyes. She is the one who can wear short wavy bob haircut at the red carpet to turns heads. This means that pink and blue eyeshadow is what her face needs. Just like Reese Witherspoon.

January Jones eyeshadow for blue eyes

Allison Williams

Big blue eyes, a wide white-toothed smile, ashy brown hair – it is all about Allison Williams from our beloved “Girls”. In the evening makeup Allison almost always involves intense eye makeup with gray or beige-golden shades that highlight her stunning eyes.

Allison Williams eyeshadow for blue eyes

Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler is not a big fan of social events. The owner of dark hair and cold icy blue eyes, the actress often chooses the neutral makeup with blue or beige eyeshadow that suit her best.

Liv Tyler eyeshadow for blue eyes

Alexandra Daddario

Huge deep-set blue eyes that sometimes seem daunting  – a calling card and a highlight of Alexandra. With this appearance, there is no need in dark shades and weighty eyeliner. Calm warm beige eyeshadow does it best.

Alexandra Daddario eyeshadow for blue eyes

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