Finnish Cities and Towns For A Foreign Tourist Visit

Finland is an amazing country. It has a severe Northern climate, the natural beauty, attracting adherents of ecotourism, a rich culture, which is closely related to world heritage. In different cities of Finland, you will find Santa Claus village, Moomin Park and even “Finnish Venice”. We present you the main cities of Finland that are worth visiting.


Helsinki is called “White capital of North”. It is the capital and main city of Finland, a sister city of Moscow and St. Petersburg. It was founded in 1550, later he was replaced by Turku in the status of the capital of Finland. Coming here, you can read the history of the Helsinki city Museum, which can be accessed free of charge.




Once upon a time Turku was the capital of the country, today it is the capital of Western Finland. In the Middle Ages the city was an important trading hub of the country, and today Turku is rich in various interesting points for exciting shopping.



Lappeeranta located just 60 km from the border with Russia, residents of St. Petersburg and Vyborg have taken a fancy to this Finnish city for recreation and shopping. Lappeeranta is placed in a picturesque region, and you have to go there to enjoy the serene Nordic nature.




Many years (till 1917) Oulu was the part of the Russian Empire. The city was founded in the early XVII century and it is one of the oldest in Finland. In 1822 there was a devastating fire that nearly wiped Oulu from the face of the country, but later it was rebuilt. Today it is a modern University city, well developed in terms different types of activities, many parks and opportunities for shopping and cultural programs.


© (Sandra Rugina)


Savonlinna is the ancient city of Finland. Almost half of the territory is occupied by lakes and forests that attracts lovers of natural beauty and ecotourism. Savonlinna is often called the “Finnish Venice”. The main attraction of the city is the Fortress Olavinlinna.




Tampere is the Finnish Lake district, because lakes occupy nearly a quarter of its territory. The city is also called the “Northern Manchester” because of the development of the industrial sector, as well as the theatre capital of Finland due to the large theatre festival that is held here every year.




The cultural capital of Finland, which is three-hour drive from the cultural capital of Russia. The history of the city since its founding in 1879 is closely connected with Russia, so there are plenty of sites resembling the relationship of Finland with this country. Among them is the Imperial house in which lived and rested Alexander III with his wife Maria Feodorovna.




Small and very young town. The population of Imatra is less than 30,000 people, a town founded in 1948. Imatra is situated on the river Vuoksi. Strange but true, but one of the main attractions of Imatra is the Spa hotel “Imatran Kylpyla”.




Naantali is one of Finland’s oldest cities, Fans of Tove Jansson and her stories about the Moomins, must visit it. The legendary Muumimaailma park, a kind of Disneyland in Finnish, is located here.

Adults too will find where to spend their time in Naantali, because of Scandinavia’s largest Spa hotel Naantali Spa Hotel & Resort.




Rovaniemi is the capital of Finnish Lapland, the place where Santa Claus lives. Rovaniemi impregnated with a fabulous atmosphere, especially in the winter months.




Porvoo is located 50 km from Helsinki and after Turku is the oldest city in Finland. It has a unique charm, which is not a sin to call a provincial one. Porvoo is a small town, but it has its own personality. It is impossible not to fall in love with its tiny colorful houses with pointed roofs, which perfectly fit into the landscape without disturbing its harmony.




Rauma is a small Finnish town with a population of less than 40,000 people. All its beauty is literally on the streets, and it is in attractive architecture. If you are looking for cozy and interesting cafés, restaurants, souvenir shops, you will love Rauma. The old town is included in the UNESCO world heritage list.