Most Beautiful Travel Destinations in Tuscany

Tuscany with its impressive cities, quiet picturesque towns, steep hills and spectacular sceneries can rightly be called the best and the most beautiful region in Italy. Stunning medieval towns cherish the history and give their guests a great wine, food, mountains, beaches and, of course, art.


Florence is the largest, one of the most significant, beautiful architectural and artistic centers of Italy. Visitors will see the magnificent Duomo and the baptistery, the crowded extensive square, interesting museums of fine art and sculptures, as well as lush gardens and a unique Medici Palace.

Beautiful places in Tuscany: Florence


Classic medieval town situated on a steep Tuscan hills. Siena is mostly famous for its fan-shaped Piazza del Campo, on which stands the high bell tower Torre del Mangia. Every day numerous museums and cathedrals open their doors here, and every summer in Siena you may attend a horse race known as Palio.

Beautiful places in Tuscany: Siena


A city in Northern Tuscany in addition to the leaning tower of Pisa got many more offers for travelers. Among them are medieval centre, the Duomo, magnificent parks, ancient monuments, houses of poets Byron and Shelley, and a walk along the Arno river.

Beautiful places in Tuscany: Pisa


Lucca is a walled city with the best preserved walls in Italy, on the top of which lay hiking trails, bike paths and gardens. Thus, with this wall you can walk around the whole historic centre of the town. If this experience is insufficient for you, Lucca owns well-preserved towers, from which opens the magnificent panoramic view on the whole area.

Beautiful places in Tuscany: Lucca


Cortona is a town built on hills, now surrounded by 3000 year old Etruscan walls. The history here is carefully preserved with its majestic buildings and interesting medieval architecture. By the way, you can often hear English here due to many immigrant communities.

Beautiful places in Tuscany: Cortona

San Gimignano

The unique topography of the town created by its 14 medieval towers, which overlook the views that will hit imagination. Nearby you can visit the interesting town of Volterra, the height of which attracts tourists constantly.

Beautiful places in Tuscany: San Gimignano

Wine region Chianti Classico

This is a fascinating region located between Florence and Siena. Picturesque villages, wineries and beautiful countryside all year round are waiting for curious travelers. For a pleasant wine tasting visit the castle of Brolio and Barone Ricasoli Winery.

Beautiful places in Tuscany: Chianti Classico


Montepulciano attracts visitors by its famous Vino Nobile wine, which you may taste at the local castle. Then you can explore the main square and beautiful buildings of the Renaissance.

Beautiful places in Tuscany: Montepulciano


Pienza is a cheese town, where you may taste many kinds. The most popular among them is the famous Pecorino. The balcony of Palazzo Piccolomini opens the charming views over the world famous Val d’Orcia (the cultural landscape in Central Italy).

Beautiful places in Tuscany: Pienza

Montecatini Terme

This is the largest SPA in Italy, known for its miraculous thermal waters. Here are several historic spas with modern equipment, beauty and health treatments. Very nice and peaceful place from where the funicular takes guests to the old town of Montecatini Alto.

Beautiful places in Tuscany: Montecatini Terme


If you are going to combine the Tuscan landscapes exploration and other Italian attractions viewings with a relaxing beach holiday, then it makes sense to go to Viareggio. The city is located in Versilia, which is considered to be a recognized center of luxury recreation experience on the whole Apennine Peninsula. In Viareggio you can enjoy the warm sea during the day and luxury boutiques and noisy discos at night.

Beautiful places in Tuscany: Viareggio


Arezzo is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities of Tuscany and one of the oldest towns  in the region. If you look at the map, you will see that Arezzo is located in the heart of Italy, and if you look at the pictures of Arezzo views, make sure that it’s worth visiting.

One of the main attractions of Florence is the Piazza Grande with its Gothic facade. The town has many churches, art galleries, museums and streets, each of them breathes with ancient history.

Beautiful places in Tuscany: Arezzo


Prato is the second largest city in Tuscany after Florence, but not so famous and visited by tourists. As in any major Italian city, many temples and museums set in Prato, but among the other main attractions are the Cathedral of St. Stephen, Basilica di Santa Maria della Carceri and the Imperial castle of Frederick II. For the contemporary art work amateurs there is the Luigi Pecci Contemporary Art Center.

Beautiful places in Tuscany: Prato


Another ancient town of Tuscany, that keeps the spirit of antiquity. Grosseto is completely surrounded by a wall, here you will find many architectural gems worthy of attention. One of the most beautiful buildings in the town is the Palazzo Aldobrandeschi and Grosseto Cathedral. Only half an hour by car and you are on the Tirrenian sea coast, and you may combine the travel to Grosseto with a beach holiday in Italy.

Beautiful places in Tuscany: Grosseto


Livorno is one of Italy’s biggest ports and the capital of the homonymous province. One of the symbols and main attractions is the old fortress, near which the new one is built. Livorno has its own “New Venice” quarter and the Republic square. If you have visited some cities of the southern France, the Italian Livorno may remind you of them by its architecture, because many tourists have already confirmed this.

Beautiful places in Tuscany: Livorno