Norway Cities You Have To See

Norway is a country with tough character and not obvious beauty. Its climate is not conducive to long hikes, the sky is often overcast with rain clouds. Not to mention the local prices, we all know that Norway is one of the most expensive countries in the world. Nevertheless, it attracts tourists from all over the world because of its clean air, unspoilt scenery with beautiful fjords and snowy mountain peaks, against which stand out bright gabled houses. Here are beautiful cities and towns in Norway you should definitely visit.


The capital and largest city of Norway, a cultural and economic center of the country. Once known as Christiania (or Christiania), Oslo is the oldest capital in Northern Europe. Oslo is one of the most expensive capitals in the world, and this is you have to consider when planning a trip to Norway.




The second largest city in the country, which also has an unofficial status of “capital of rain”. Therefore, going to Bergen, don’t forget an umbrella and appropriate clothing. Eternally grey skies and unfriendly the climate contrast with bright buildings and interesting sights like the troll hill and the Bergen waterfront, included in the world heritage list of UNESCO.




Stavanger competes with Oslo for the status of the cultural centre of Norway and with Ålesund for a title of the most beautiful city. There are many museums and other places of interest for curious tourists with cameras at the ready.




If you need some entertainment in the form of music and gastronomic pleasures, feel free to go in Trondheim. Here are food festivals and music of different genres, in addition, Trondheim is a town of students and cyclists.




Times magazine and the Norwegians themselves are unanimous in the opinion that not Oslo and not Stavanger, but Alesund is the most beautiful town in Norway. In the beginning of XX century it was practically razed to the ground and rebuilt. Now it is a striking example of Art Nouveau style, which attracts crowds of tourists. Through Alesund lies the path to Geirangerfjord, the most beautiful fjords in the world.




Tromsø is the largest city in the country, beautiful, bright, lively city on a small island. Tromsø is incredibly versatile, and a tourist will not be bored there. Its center is located four hundred kilometers North of the Arctic circle, and everything is impregnated with the snow symbolism, Arctic and winter.




The capital of the Olympic Games 1994 and the world center of winter sports. Lillehammer attracts by its well-preserved wooden buildings of the XIX century and interesting museums.




At first glance, unremarkable city can be a great and memorable memory point on the map of Norway. And all this thanks to a rich cultural program that you are looking. The old town has a fish market, which is not surprising for a major port.




Bodø, located just North of the Arctic circle, is rich in natural beauty with 17 reserves! Summer and winter, the city hosts major music festivals: Nordland Musikfestuke, Parkenfestivalen, Bodø Hardcore Festival.




Four hours by bus or by car from Tromsø and here you are in Narvik. The scenic mountainous terrain makes Narvik centre of mountain skiing and other extreme sports.




Geilo placed between the two largest cities in Norway (Oslo and Bergen), and this is one of the most well-known ski resorts. Thanks to almost year-round high-quality snow cover, Geilo is a beautiful place to practice winter sports together with Lillehammer and Narvik.




Drammen is located 40 km from Oslo, on the banks of the river, which flows into Gresford. The city is known as the birthplace of the potato vodka, but if alcoholic past and present of the city does not appeal to you, you can experience all the possibilities of an active lifestyle. In Drammen you can take a boat ride, go hiking, horseback riding, and even get the adrenaline rush in bungee jumping.