Paris Chic Style Icons: Best French Women Fashion Looks

You have surely heard about the so called “Parisian chic” or “French style”. This style is easily recognized among others. Parisian chic is known as elegant, relaxed and feminine style. Easy to say but difficult to make it real. At least, not all women living outside of France, you can successfully recreate this style, despite the availability of any clothing.

So, how the French Women looks like, what outfits does she prefer? Below you will find 12 examples of famous women who are considered to be the epitome of Parisian chic. All their street style looks are for your fashion inspiration!

Ines de la Fressange

French aristocrat, former model, who worked with the great Coco Chanel, entrepreneur, social activist and philanthropist, Ines de la Fressange, perhaps, is being the personification of French chic for decades. Her style is always classy: men-like white shirts, navy blue blazers, fitting cropped or wide pants. In her outfits she combines neutral shades with bright pieces.

Paris Chic Style Icons, Ines de la Fressange Paris Chic Style Icons  (2)

Sofia Coppola

American film director, the daughter of another iconic film director, winner of international film festivals and fragile woman Sofia Coppola is another embodiment of French chic. Sofia, who was the face of advertising campaigns for Louis Vuitton and Marc by Marc Jacobs, in life, follows a very simple and even cautious fashion style. Sofia Coppola style is based on cropped straight black pants, simple adjacent tops, bow-tie blouses, men-like shirts. Coppola often denies jewelry accessories, preferring pure minimalism.

Paris Chic Style Icons,  Sofia Coppola Paris Chic Style Icons,  Sofia Coppola

Charlotte Gainsbourg

The daughter of Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin was born in London, but year after year, she inspires us by her ability to wear clothing items that are often very strange looking, but after all the outfit looks classy, elegant and super stylish. Charlotte Gainsbourg likes blouses, jackets, asymmetric short skirts, baggy pants and jeans. Her hairstyle is simple, shaggy, with loose dark medium length locks and swept long side bangs.

Paris Chic Style Icons,  Charlotte Gainsbourg Paris Chic Style Icons,  Charlotte Gainsbourg

Lou Doillon

The younger sister of Charlotte Gainsbourg combines French chic and British punk style carelessness with layered baggy outfits. Her fashion looks are often one-colored, but never boring and they always draw attention, whether it’s a black slim jumpsuit with a loose knitted cardigan, jeans with suspenders over the slim top or the oversized coat with leggings.

Note that her footwear is always very simple, neat. Her shoes, boots and sandals are not eye-catching accessories, they are comfy, practical and basic. This is the maybe the secret of the French style – daring, but classy combinations without flashy shoddy.

Paris Chic Style Icons, Lou Doillon Paris Chic Style Icons, Lou Doillon

Mélanie Laurent

French actress and director is an example of modern and sophisticated French style. Born in Paris, Laurent likes the style that we call Parisian chic. She wears black pants of various cuts – leather, slim, straight, baggy, – combining them with blouses and jackets.

She is aware that a simple black pants or pencil skirt is a flawless base, which may stick with any type of top, neutral and minimalistic striped top or white shirt, silk blouse, slinky vest, navy officer blazer or leather jacket.

Paris Chic Style Icons , Melanie Laurent Paris Chic Style Icons , Melanie Laurent

Clémence Poesy

A young French actress born in Paris, she even looks like Melanie Laurent, as for clothing style, she likes the same. Her personal style is elegant and slightly eccentric: jackets, blazers, tuxedos,, cropped pants, feminine blouses, skinny jeans. She combines all this with prominent accessories like quilted Chanel purse, wide boots, flat Roman sandals.

Paris Chic Style Icons, Clemence Poesy Paris Chic Style Icons, Clemence Poesy

Léa Seydoux

Lea Seydoux is definitely one of the most famous modern French actresses in the world. A real young Frenchwoman, which, unlike other fashion counterparts, prefers the smart style without a hint of dissaray.  Lea seydoux is the face of Prada, Miu Miu and Louis Vuitton brands, that is the reason for her wearing their classy outfits.

Paris Chic Style Icons, Lea Seydoux Paris Chic Style Icons, Lea Seydoux

Audrey Tautou

Audrey Tautou has become a star of French cinema thanks to the role of Amélie Poulain, romantic dreamer from Montmartre with huge eyes and French bob haircut with cute short bangs. In life Tautou adheres to the elegant French style with clean cuts, smooth lines, elegant coats and jackets, on the red carpets she sometimes opts for cute short dresses, cropped pants, simple tops and V-neck sweaters.

Paris Chic Style Icons, Audrey Tautou Paris Chic Style Icons, Audrey Tautou

Jeanne Damas

French model Jeanne Damas has a huge number of fans of her style, called true Parisian. Jeanne Instagram pics prove that to create a smart French chic look you have to put some color on your lips and make an effortless hairstyle with long bangs. The basics of her clothing looks are pants, leggings, pencil skirts, which she wears with jackets and oversized coats. If you are going to borrow some of her looks, don’t forget about the striped top, which is one of the most charming cliché part of the French women wardrobe.

Paris Chic Style Icons, Jeanne Damas Paris Chic Style Icons, Jeanne Damas

Emmanuelle Alt

Editor-in-chef of Vogue Paris magazine has adopted a very classy down-to-earth style, which made her the icon of French chic style. Have you ever seen the pictures of her taken during the Fashion Weeks? her style if mostly the same, based on cropped pants and different top options like military jackets, suit jackets, oversized coats (one-colored, leopard, shearling). Tones are neutral, cuts are classic, accessories are the smallest.  This is how the casual French chic looks like.

Paris Chic Style Icons, Emmanuelle Alt Paris Chic Style Icons, Emmanuelle Alt

Carine Roitfeld

Carine Roitfeld is the former head of Vogue Paris, now still the well-known editor and one of the faces of French chic, peculiar to an older woman. Roitfeld favorite color is black, favorite outfit is a pencil skirt (knee-length or slightly below) in combination with jacket, asymmetric top or beautiful feminine blouse. Sandals or high heel pumps are mandatory, just like large sunglasses.

Paris Chic Style Icons, Carine Roitfeld Paris Chic Style Icons, Carine Roitfeld

Garance Doré

Street style Photographer became the star of street style for her personal looks. Garance Doré now is a famous fashion photographer, journalist, Illustrator and also the icon of French chic. Garance has an eye-catching style, she adores multi-layered outfits, shorts, asymmetric cut and oversize loose clothing.

Paris Chic Style Icons, Garance Doré Paris Chic Style Icons, Garance Doré