Women’s Hats and Headwear Trends 2017

With the onset of fall and winter or in the still cool spring the importance of other accessories is displaced by knitted beanies, wide-brimmed hats and other modern headpieces with decorative items or retro headwear, reminiscent of the 20s or 80s. here are the main fashion trends for women’s headwear for 2017.

Modern caps

If you love the style of the 90s, then this trend is especially for you because in this you will be able to find a lot of fancy hats, caps and beanies. Among them are fur pieces, simple one-colored or plaid, suede, leather, knit caps, ones with 3D decorative stuff, eye-catching appliqués, bold buttons and pom-poms.


Wide-brimmed hats

Stylish fedora hat, that women have long and successfully drew from the men’s wardrobe, remains a versatile accessory for all seasons. If you want to move away from the minimalist style simple wide-brimmed hats, you can always find a model, decorated in the spirit of the time.


Knit beanies with ears

The abundance of hats with ears suggests that designers fully endorse touchingly infantile fashion inclusions into your everyday wardrobe, which becomes less serious and more relaxed.


Fur pom-poms

Fur pom-poms for knitted hats came into fashion long ago, but continue to surprise with their diversity, colors, and sizes.


Cute earflaps, trapper hats, Russian ushankas

Ushanka is closely associated with Russia, and hats with earflaps with authentic ornamental pattern remind us of Peruvian national headwear. And you should not hesitate to wear these pieces, because it’s a hot trend of the season, available in a huge variety of designs like leather, knit, fur to wear with casual parkas and puffer jackets or elegant tailored or oversized winter coats.


Slouchy knit beanies

Many girls don’t like strict shapes and form-fitting silhouettes, not only in clothing but also in headwear. They prefer baggy and loose shapes, even for hats. And so they have cute slouchy beanies for all occasions, ready to combine with no matter with outerwear.


Chunky knitted beanies

So cozy and warming oversized knitwear, welcomed not only in casual sweaters and cardigans, but in headwear as well. Bold, textured, chunky knit beanies are the great option for young girls.


Knitted berets

Women’s berets 2017 link up fashion features of classic flat berets and modern slouchy beanies, and all this to be ready to fit in the multiple and different outfits with the outwear as a basic.


Words and letters

Words have power, and not only when they are written on paper or spoken aloud. They still adorn the front of the headwear, what is a hot trend of 2016-2017. Ok, we all know about our beloved sweatshirts and t-shirts with all kind of messages to the worls and the society, looking at us in the streets. The cold season requires some change of wardrobe with a replacement of an accent onto the headwear. Have you something important to say?


Fur hats

Late fall, winter and early spring is the time for fur hats, especially, if you are living in the area with a tough climate. Natural fur is a timeless classic, and the faux fur for headwear is something we gonna live with next years due to the eco-friendly trend in ready-to-wear fashion.


Appliqués, crystals and other 3D embellishment

If you are bored of wearing simple smooth capы and hats, you can pick out an interesting one with decorative stuff. Designers offer us headwear embellished with crystals, appliqués, flowers, buttons and chains.


Sporty style beanies

Remember the era of 70-80s, when people wore knitted beanies with sport patterns or logos. These knitted headwear reveals the charm of retro style, which is incredibly popular today.


Scandinavian and other patterns

Cute, funny, classic patterns on the beanies will give your outfit a special mood. It can be a winter pattern, Scandinavian ornament, leopard print, graphic or trompe l’oeil print.


Trendy turbans

Features of Oriental style from time to time come in Western fashion, giving it a purely authentic look. Modern turbans are not only part of an evening look but also quite casual headwear, which is especially popular and widespread in the knit incarnation, which unites him with the familiar knitted beanies.


Leather headwear

Genuine leather is a traditional material for fall and winter season, as we can see now, not only for coats and jackets, but for headwear pieces as well. Just look through some of the designer collections, and you’ll make sure that leather hats are accessories to adapt to our fashion looks for 2017.