Women’s Jackets Fashion Trends Spring/Summer 2016

Fashionable women’s jacket is one of the most important parts of the wardrobe for spring and cool summer. You can choose a short jacket or light summer type jacket, as well as the leather one that never goes out of fashion, a sport style that combines practicality, convenience and the latest fashion trends. Scroll down some pictures of this season trends and you’ll have no doubt that women’s jacket is a considerable outerwear, not less significant than women’s coat spring-summer 2016.

Leather jackets

Leather jacket has the same value as the little black dress or pencil skirt for any woman.

Black color is an unchanged classic for outerwear, including leather jackets. But the black leather jacket is not always as trivial as you might first imagine. Look at the first collage, which presents different looks of a black leather jacket on the runway.

3.1 Philipp Lim jacket is similar to a fitted jacket, Edun piece will save you from rain and high humidity, Jil Stuart jacket accentuates a thin waist, and perfectly combined with skirts and dresses. Diesel Black Gold leather jacket has a baggy silhouette and designed for those who are nostalgic for the 90s, because it recreates this style.

The second collage demonstrates how popular leather jackets in bright colors and crisp contrasts are. Longchamp Prada preferred the stripe design, Courregès chose straight silhouette for a youth jacket with both buttons and zipper. If you’ve got a special style passion for red color, look at this Marni long waisted jacket with picked up sleeves.

Jackets Fashion Trends Spring-Summer 2016 (2)
3.1 Philipp Lim, Edun, Jil Stuart, Diesel Black Gold
womens jackets spring summer 2016 (3)
Courregès, Marni, Longchamp, Prada

Zip leather jackets

Most zip leather jackets were combined on the runway with skirts and dresses, creating a contrast between femininity and lightness on the one side and brutality on the other. Red leather jackets, as, indeed, black ones, are very popular in this season.

Ralph Lauren showed the jacket of a soft mustard shade that looked perfect on the runway over a snow-white jumpsuit and in combination with the sneakers of the same shade. Louis Vuitton and Each x Other have shown the heterogeneity of colors in one leather jacket. The most unusual model appeared in the collections of Guy Laroche, which suggested that tight-fitting jacket with shoulders cut out.

womens jackets spring summer 2016 (4)
Guy Laroche, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Coach
womens jackets spring summer 2016 (5)
Louis Vuitton, Each x Other, Ralph Lauren, Burberry Prorsum

Short jackets

Short leather jackets go well with fitting skirts, including leather ones, but then take care of your decent style, choosing the shoes without aggressive heels and huge platforms. These jackets also go well with baggy pants or flared long and midi skirts or skirts with lush or tiered ruffles.

womens jackets spring summer 2016 (6)
Au Jour le Jour, Diane von Furstenberg, Kate Spade, Diesel Black Gold

Denim jackets

In 2016 denim is incredibly relevant in different fashionable forms, and denim jacket is the easiest and most obvious way to demonstrate your awareness of this trend without changing your normal style and not going beyond it in extremely fashionable outrageous.

womens jackets spring summer 2016 (7)
Mara Hoffman, Saint Laurent, Roberto Cavalli, J Brand

Suede jackets

Designers offer a lot of suede jackets, and your desire to wear them will definitely grow, because suede looks fabulous in combination with warm shades, that are so much popular this year.  To look trendy, opt for to monochromatic suede jacket of almost any style, and you can easily adapt them to any skirts, pants and dresses.

womens jackets spring summer 2016 (8)
Daks, Emilio Pucci, Prada, Victoria Beckham

90s style jackets

The 90s made their big return, covering many fashion sides and pushing us to purchase jackets, blouses, dresses and other clothing item with a slight retro vibe. What did we wear in the 90s? Grunge style with messy layers and the absence of any rules of combining, denim jackets, sport style jackets (looking so much cheap, ugh!), baggy jackets that you can easily adapt to almost any figure. If you are nostalgic for this era, don’t be embarrassed – go for it!

womens jackets spring summer 2016 (9)
Vivienne Tam, Rag & Bone, Iceberg, Alexander Wang

Bomber jackets

What do we know about comfy and sport style women’s bomber jackets& First of all, that they are just increasing their fashion limelight, and we can easily judge about it, looking at some pics from the runway. How to wear a modern bomber jacket? Combine them with pants and shorts to create edgy, casual relaxed fashion looks for every day.

womens jackets spring summer 2016 (10)
Emporio Armani, Louis Vuitton, Iceberg, Marc Jacobs

Shiny metallic jackets

Shiny jackets combine at once the past and the future. If you’re a fan of 70’s and disco style, and if you’re a fan of futuristic looks, you can wear a jacket made of shiny metallic material, combining them with the matte pants and skirts.

womens jackets spring summer 2016 (11)
Diane von Furstenberg, Isabel Marant, Paco Rabanne, Tracy Reese

Warm shade jackets

Jacket in warm shades of green, beige, light yellow is a great basic item of clothing. This season in addition to the red jackets neutral shades of safari, which is great for the summer wardrobe, are insanely popular.

womens jackets spring summer 2016 (12)
Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Stella Jean, Therry Mugler
womens jackets spring summer 2016 (13)
3.1 Phillip Lim, Dennis Basso, Daks, Trussardi

Double-breasted jackets

Double-breasted jackets and blazers are gradually replacing single-breasted models. Not to say that the latter is becoming less, but double-breasted jackets find a large variety of designs, which was not peculiar to them earlier.

womens jackets spring summer 2016 (14)
Louis Vuitton, Rochas, Ralph Lauren, Roberto Cavalli

Buttoned jackets

Zip jackets seem more practical, but sometimes they lack the softness because of the presence of the metal. Buttons make the jacket more feminine and calm, providing opportunities to play with the image within the military style.

womens jackets spring summer 2016 (15)
Miu Miu, Thakoon, Lanvin, Emporio Armani

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