10 Men’s Trench Coats Fall-Winter 2016-2017

If you have forgotten, we can remind you, that trench coats appeared in our fashion life first in the men’s military style, and then, some time later ladies adopted this outerwear for they everyday look.

As for women’s trench coats fall-winter 2016-2017, they are more versatile and edgy, that’s not surprising at all. If you are a man, and you need an elegant trench coat for the upcoming fall, then you won’t be disappointed by the range of designer outerwear, shown on the runway.

Men’s fashion trench coats are all about softness and traditions with a small amount of cutting-edge design features, almost invisible, but without them the clothing character won’t be complete.

Antonio Marras trench coat appeared on the runway as a part of an outfit, made from soft khaki shades. This coat has a slightly baggy oversized cut, perfect for young men who don’t like tight clothes.

Antonio Marras men's trench coat

Boglioli trench keeps all the traditions of elegant Italian style for men. On the runway we have seen the classic double-breasted trench coat of taupe shade with a green undertone, which complement the look based on strict pants.

Boglioli men's trench coat

Bottega Veneta has presented the stunning blue leather trench coat with the classic double-breasted cut, that won’t go unnoticed.

Bottega Veneta men's trench coat

Burberry is the father of trench, so in any of this brand’s collections, we will find elegant men’s trench coat of beige and other neutral soft of trendy shades.

Burberry  men's trench coat

Karl Lagerfeld, who creates for Chanel, has always loved experimenting: German couturier is famous for its innovative approach. Chanel trench coat combines two different materials and contrasting color. Very impressive and daring.

Chanel men's trench coat

Chanel has offered the military style trench coat of cold light green color with faux fur collar and criss-cross straps on the chest.

Dries Van Noten men's trench coat

Gucci tried to get away from the canons of male fashion, which is strongly associated with dark or neutral colors, suggesting an unexpectedly simple ivory trench of clean cut.

Gucci men's trench coat

Mustard hue has always been considered as one of the most fashionable colors of fall-winter clothing, and Salvatore Ferragamo applied it for trench. This men’s coat looks elegant and impressive at the same time, which is very typical for the Italian style, joining the classic tailored cut and vivid bright shades.

Salvatore Ferragamo men's trench coat

Sandy beige Undercover trench coat has a traditional, slightly oversized cut.

Undercover  men's trench coat

Valentino trench coat of light khaki shade combines the clean cut with straps on shoulders.

Valentino men's trench coat