2015 Double Breasted Pea Coats for Women

Can you imagine a more simple and practical women’s outerwear than a pea coat? It has no competitors in the fashion wardrobe, because there is no outfit that it could not complement and decorate. The pea coat is indispensable piece for fall and spring, it can be worn with feminine dresses and skirts of any length, with jeans and leggings, wide pants.

The pea coat can be used in any look, and only you can choose this style. In 2015, the most popular designs for pea coats are military, navy, simple minimalist style, fitted or oversized. Choose a classic cut pea coat in monochromatic colors, coat in small and large plaid, asymmetrical and oversize pieces that will add chic and personality to your everyday looks.

We present you some great pea coat designs for ladies in 2015.

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For your military and totally masculine style inspiration – Alexander McQueen grey pea coat with layered lapels.

alexander wang pea coat 2015

Love navy style in the outerwear? Pick this basic navy blue cropped coat with gold buttons by Altuzarra.

altuzarra pea coat 2015

Fans of oversized coats will love this deep muted green two-buttoned pea coat, that you can buy at Asos.

asos pea coat 2015

Another military look based on this Calvin Klein grey double-breasted fitted coat.

calvin klein pea coat 2015

For ladies who wants to release their beasty nature Carolina Herrera offers this stylish short leopard pea coat.

carolina herrera pea coat 2015

John Lewis store present this chic and cheap grey officer style wool-blended pea coat.

john lewis pea coat 2015

Women, who adore bright shades should appreciate this royal blue slightly oversized Joseph pea coat.

joseph pea coat 2015

Peach shade makes this Joseph coat tender and feminine, perfect for cool summer weather.

joseph pink pea coat 2015

Minimalist style, very practical short grey pea coat with patched pockets by Marissa Webb.

marissa webb pea coat 2015

Notes of navy style, updated with asymmetric cut in Marni double-breasted pea coat.

marni pea coat 2015

Michael by Michael Kors offers this rich cool shade of red for his classic tailored pea coat.

Michael Michael Kors pea coat 2015

Wanna splash some fun into your everyday look with your casual coat? Pick this great scalloped edge pea coat by Moschino Cheap&Chic.

moschino cheap and chic pea coat 2015

Red-black plaid is a classic for any women’s coat. If you love this color duo, draw your attention to this beautiful Old Navy pea coat, that you can wear in summer and in fall.

old navy pea coat 2015

Many women appreciate fresh trends that allow them to emphasize their individuality and uniqueness. This stylish black and white cropped coat with blue buttons by Proenza Schouler will help with it, creating your own personal style.

proenza schouler pea coat 2015

Stella McCartney creates feminine styles, and this coat is no exception. Look at this dark blue colarless pea coat. It looks like a dress!

stella mccartney pea coat 2015

Another plaid coat, but this time plaid is large, and the coat has an elongated silhouette. If your choice is a classic feminine style and the black and white duo, please take a look at this Theory pea coat.

theory pea coat 2015

Alexandra Levine

Alexandra Levine

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