2015 Summer Hair Color Trends

Summer weather demands new beauty looks, including new hair colors. Summer 2015 is the time when you need to get rid of old views on hair color and to refresh you look, making changes according to the latest hair color trends 2015. Shining sun, whispering seawater, warm sand and other pleasures of summer favor the frantic experimentation with your hairstyle.

Just look at this: shades of blonde, modern ombre dyes, unnatural hair colors, including pink and turquoise, and different shades of blond… All this will help you with enhancing your natural beauty and you hair radiance, without requiring deep changes. If you feel courage to make some big changes with you hairstyle concerning not only the trendy haircut, but also accepting a new hair color, go for it. Summer is not very long!

Here are 10 best hair color trends for summer 2015.

Platinum Blonde Hair Color

Platinum blonde needs not only you courage, but your flawless skin tone as well. Beware of it if your face has pimples or reddish tone. Platinum blonde hair color is a great beauty option for girls with straight bob and pixie haircuts.

2015 Summer Hair Color Trends : Platinum Blonde
Trendy platinum blonde hair color for summer 2015

Dark Blonde Hair Shades (Natural Ombre Hair)

Dark blonde hair shades may be great choice for summer because they match perfectly with tanned skin. These hair shades look very natural for women with warm skin tone, dark brown or hazel eyes.

2015 Summer Hair Color Trends : Dark Blonde
Beautiful natural ombre style for light and medium brown haired women

Warm Honey Blonde Hair Colors

Not that dark, but always warm and literally sweet. This is another good hair color example for girls who love sunbathing. You can ask your hairstylist to keep roots darker to get a modern ombre style.

2015 Summer Hair Color Trends :  Warm Honey Blonde
Celebrities with warm honey blonde hair shades

Modern Platinum Ombre Hair Ideas

Trendy platinum ombre dyeing look is a trend you have to try this summer. Look at celebrities who have already done it, they have dark and fair skin, dark chestnut or medium brown hair color. And platinum highlights on their hair look properly and incredibly hot.

2015 Summer Hair Color Trends :  Platinum Ombre
Celebrities with high contrasting platinum ombre on dark hair

Pink Hair Color Shades for Blondes

Not actually a newest, but one of the hottest hair color trend for 2015, and the summer is the right time to dye your hair in pink. The wise tip: don’t dye your blonde color in pink at home, go to a good stylist to get trendy and appropriate shade.

2015 Summer Hair Color Trends :  Pink Shade
Cool and daring pink hair shade for summer 2015

Amber and Strawberry Blonde Hair Shades

Another daring hair color option to apply for you new look. It may be difficult to get this color for brunettes, who should lighten their locks at first. With your blonde hair you can try different shades of shiny reddish amber or modern strawberry blonde, following examples of Rachel McAdams, Christina Hendricks, Jessica Chastain, Kristen Stewart and many other celebrities.

2015 Summer Hair Color Trends :  Strawberry Blonde
Bright amber and strawberry hair color for warm blondes, medium brunettes and natural redhead women

Dark and Medium Ash Brown Hair Colors

This hair color is one that can make you edgy and noble looking. Dark or medium ash brown color will be good for women with cool skin tones, grey or hazel eyes. To keep beautiful ash shade rich and flawless the whole summer you should protect your hair from UV sunlight, sea salt, applying all needed hair products.

2015 Summer Hair Color Trends :  Ash Brown Hair Color 2015
Cool and noble ash hair color for brunettes

Aubergine Hair Colors for Brunettes

Aubergine hair color is an option for young girls definitely. To have a trendy and not cheap beauty look, don’t  apply this shade on blonde hair, especialy at home in your bathroom. As for brunettes, make this arguable color just part of your whole hair color of pick a deep beautiful shade.

2015 Summer Hair Color Trends :  Aubergine Hair Shade
Plum or aubergine hair color for modern young women and teen girls

Red Cherry Hair Colors

Close with burgundy and plum, but more traditional and worthy though. This summer red is an apparent hot trend for hair color, what makes deep and bright shining cherry shades less doubtful and risky.

2015 Summer Hair Color Trends :  Red Cherry Hair
Bright red cherry shade for brunettes
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