21 Cushion Cut Engagement Rings: Colorful Styles For Your Inspiration

How much time is needed to choose the most beautiful engagement ring of an impressive size and this one, that symbolizes something more than just the money spent on it. Sometimes the choice is easy: just start from the color of the gemstone, precious metal, which form a complementary harmony. Gemstone shades should match the color type of the bride.

How to choose an engagement ring matching eye and hair color

Clear colorless diamonds in white gold are a versatile jewelry option for an engagement ring, suitable to any outfit and any hair and eye color. However, it’s not a dream of every single bride at all. Many women would prefer a colorful engagement ring to emphasize their natural beauty and to draw everyone’s eyes to their happiness.

You always can find beautiful rings with colored cushion cut gemstones, but you need to know what shade of gold or stone will suit a particular bride according to her hair and eyes.

Light blue gemstones, like topaz, aquamarine, sapphire is an option for blondes with fair skin and grey or blue eyes.

Dark blue sapphires, black diamonds and onyxes, bloody red rubies and garnet are made for dark haired beauties with brown and dark green eyes.

Warm green gemstones, natural cognac diamonds, brown sapphires would be great for soft brunettes and blonde hair ladies with hazel and neutral warm green eyes.

Emerald with its cold and bright green shining and statement jewelry character is a gemstone for the bride of almost any hair and eye color.

Celebrity cushion cut engagement rings

Ashley Tisdale cushion cut diamond halo ring
Ashley Tisdale and her cushion cut diamond halo ring
Ivanka Trump cushion cut solitaire diamond engagement ring
Ivanka Trump cushion cut solitaire diamond ring of her own jewelry brand
Jennifer Garner yellow gold cushion cut diamond engagement ring
Jennifer Garner cushion cut diamond ring in
Jenny McCarthy cushion cut yellow diamond engagement ring
Jenny McCarthy cushion cut bright yellow diamond halo engagement ring
Jessica Biel cushion cut diamond engagement ring
Jessica Biel subtle and beautiful cushion cut diamond engagement ring
Kelly Clarkson cushion cut yellow diamond engagement ring
Kelly Clarkson cushion cut yellow diamond halo engagement ring
Molly Sims cushion cut diamond engagement ring
Molly Sims classic cushion cut colorless diamond halo engagement ring
Nicole Richie cushion cut pink sapphire engagement ring
Nicole Richie cushion cut pink sapphire engagement ring

Jewelry designs of cushion cut engagement rings

As for the design of the engagement ring, sometimes a simple cushion cut is what you need to satisfy the fashion needs of the bride, while remaining within the timeless classics. We present you 21 styles of cushion cut engagement rings with gemstones of different colors for your inspiration.

Bright blue sapphire ring with diamonds in yellow gold

Yellow and blue color go perfectly together, so a gold ring with a classic bright blue sapphire looks similarly amazing in the shop window of a jewelry boutique and on the finger of a romantic blonde wife-to-be.

yellow gold cushion cut blue sapphire engagement ring
Mcteigue & Mcclelland

Halo diamond double ring in rose gold

If you love classic jewelry design and straight clean lines, then pay attention to this cushion cut diamond halo ring in rose gold. This is a timeless jewelry piece for an engagement and will suit for any color type and any outfit.

rose gold cushion cut diamomd engagement ring

Mint green quartz ring in yellow gold

Cushion cut with rounded corners coupled with the gentle warmth of green quartz makes the ring visible, but at the same time elegant and restrained.

yellow gold cushion cut green quartz engagement ring

Light blue topaz solitaire ring in sterling silver

The combination of silver with beautiful large blue topaz is an example of an affordable jewelry. At the same time, it is a stylish, versatile, elegant engagement ring for a romantic blonde girl, who is waiting for a marriage proposal from her beau.

sterling silver cushion cut blue topaz engagement ring
Blue Nile

Black solitaire stone ring in sterling silver

Unlike traditional gemstones in blue, green, red and pink colors, the black stone is a challenge, style, audacity, which is peculiar to smart and confident ladies. Engagement ring with black stone may look austere and gothic, but this piece has an outstanding design because of the textured silver finish.

sterling silver cushion cut gemstone engagement ring

Water blue aquamarine halo ring in rose gold

The transparency of the delicate blue aquamarine shade, which is enclosed in the embrace of diamond pavé on a background of rose gold is a jewelry for blondes who want to stay within the limits of classical design and color, but chooses a non-trivial style of this diamond ring, expressed by the diagonal position of the stone.

rose gold cushion cut aquamarine engagement ring

Bright peridot & diamong ring in white gold

Dazzling green peridot crowning neutral white gold is a stone that you fall in love with at first sight. Just look at this mind-blowing color, so genuine, deep and vivid, without any doubt created to be a protagonist among other accessories.

white gold cushion cut green peridote engagement ring

Deep blue sapphire & diamond halo ring in white gold

Another jewelry piece for those who love to shine out in the high life. Remember the famous princess Diana blue gemstone marvy, which later has become an engagement ring for Kate Middleton? Her ring has an oval-cut, and this is a cushion cut one, but has a similar design and style. Bold classic dark blue sapphire is an option for blue-eyed brunettes.

white gold cushion cut sapphire engagement ring

Minimalist cognac quartz solitaire ring in yellow gold

Let’s face it: many brides prefer to wear on their fingers a ring with a large clear colorless diamond rather than a bright stone with and eye-catchy color. But there are always fans of a subtle, muted, elegant jewelry looks, and they might like a ring with a soft brown or cognac color gemstone.

yellow gold cushion cut brown quartz engagement ring

Classic diamond ring in white gold

How many times we seen this ring! How many feature movie heroines were looking at it after their beloved had opened the precious velvet box? This is a timeless classic for an engagement ring that will suit any bride, adorning her finger with a weighty simple cut rectangular solitaire diamond.

white gold cushion cut diamond engagement ring

Red rhodolite & diamond ring in strawberry gold

A red stone crowning an engagement ring is not only the well-known expensive ruby, natural garnet or synthetic corundum. There is also the deep rhodolite, which we call the younger brother of the garnet, and its most feminine jewelry incarnation. The red stone embedded in the strawberry gold is a combination of luxurious ring that won’t go unnoticed on your finger.

strawberry gold cushion cut rhodolite engagement ring
Le Vian

Bold pink quartz & diamond ring in sterling silver

While some people choose deep noble or sweet romantic colors, others prefer dazzling girlish designs. As in this bright gemstone of a mind-blowing chewing gum pink shade, which especially contrasts with the neutral sterling silver.

sterling silver cushion cut pink quartz engagement ring
Victoria Townsend

Deep blue sapphire & diamond ring in rose gold

Thanks to the apparent contrast of dark blue stone and rose gold this ring looks exuberant and even impudent. Diamonds on the sides, surrounding the sapphire, create a soft balance and make the design more established, traditional, decent and feminine.

rose gold cushion cut sapphire engagement ring
Blue Nile

Simple yellow diamond ring in white gold

If you are one of those women who seek elegance,  subtle and conformist style in jewelry design, then you have to take a look at this engagement ring with a cushion cut yellow diamond. This is a fairly unconventional gemstone, which is rarely found in jewelry boutiques. The better for you, because there is an element of exclusivity in this style.

white gold cushion cut yellow diamond engagement ring
Blue Nile

Amazing pink sapphire & diamond ring in rose gold

Another dazzling pink ring, but this time, not a Barbie style bling-bling-looking one. It has a beautiful bright pink solitaire sapphire that suits perfectly to the blue-eyed blondes. The design of this engagement ring is subtly balanced: the bold pink sapphire visually combines with rose gold, and round colorless diamonds aside create a soft contrast and break this pink integrity.

rose gold cushion cut pink sapphire engagement ring

Eye-catchy emerald & diamond ring in platinum

Emerald embodies the eternal values of fashion jewelry, which are captured in its restrained deep shaded splendour. Emerald ring has the same importance as a little black dress. In combination with platinum this gem will give you all the magnificence of its style, ready for a long term delight.

platinum cushion cut emerald engagement ring

Chic black sapphire & diamond halo ring in white gold

If the classic dark blue sapphire seems too common jewelry piece for a bride like you and you are in search of a less-familiar thing, then consider the engagement ring of white gold, which is crowned by a amazing black sapphire, surrounded by a diamond halo. This ring looks simple, versatile and unassuming, but thanks to the valuable precious content, it can be a wonderful gift for a bride and for future generations, assuming the proud status of a family heirloom.

white gold cushion cut black sapphire engagement ring

Affordable cubic zirconia ring in sterling silver

Don’t forget about the affordable engagement rings for those who are not planning to spend a fortune on this jewel stuff. If you are not ready to pay a large sum for an expensive engagement ring, then choose a neutral design that doesn’t betray its low price. For example, it may be silver for a metal, and and a cubic zirconia as a stone. And don’t worry – you won’t look cheap. This ring absolutely mirrors the design of expensive jewelry pieces, and it is no less worthy than they are.

sterling silver cushion cut cubic zirconia engagement ring

Beautiful amethyst & diamond ring in rose gold

Amethyst is not so popular gemstone for an engagement ring than its relatives in modern jewelry collection, like diamonds and sapphires. But if the bride likes all shades of purple, she needs to pay attention to the amethyst ring. Interesting point: in combination with white gold, platinum or silver amethyst ring looks almost faceless. But if the master jeweler put a large amethyst in a diamond halo and rose gold, the ring turns out to be ample and worthy.

yellow gold cushion cut amethyst engagement ring

Spectacular garnet ring with diamond halo and round blue sapphire in white gold

If you want to become an owner of an engagement ring, combining different color gemstones, then a reasonable solution would be to choose white gold or silver for their basic background in order not to overload the jewelry design with brightness and colors. Look at this amazing ring with large red garnet: dark blue sapphire complements it, creating a catchy contrast, and diamond pavé makes it more delicate and classic.

white gold cushion cut garnet engagement ring

Bold ruby & diamond halo ring in rose gold

Ruby is the royal stone, a symbol of passion, love, hot temper and, of course, a sign of great love. Ruby in a diamond halo in a beautiful rose gold creates an amazing ring that bring together brightness and dignity, settled jewelry traditions and edgy modern trends. Ruby engagement ring in red or rose gold is an option for dark haired self-confident women to wear with red, green, white outfits.

rose gold cushion cut ruby engagement ring