25 Princess Cut Engagement Rings: Clean & Simple Jewelry

An engagement ring must be not just beautiful or trendy. This jewelry piece traditionally symbolizes love and strong bond of two loving hearts, which decide to be together and to share all joys and sorrows. And if the cushion cut engagement ring with its three-dimensional rounded shape of a precious stone is not what you like, because you prefer bold simplicity and clean lines in jewelry, then you should clap eyes on the princess-cut engagement rings.

Celebrity princess cut engagement rings

Kate Bosworth, Ali Larter, Jaime Pressly, Hilary Duff and Sarah Michelle Gellar are among celebrities who were wearing beautiful princess cut rings that their significant others had offered them for an engagement. This cut is really all-in-one: simple, stylish, chic, and in combination with a hefty diamond – weighty and exuberant.

Kate Bosworth princess cut engagement ring
Kate Bosworth engagement ring
Ali Larter  princess cut engagement ring
Ali Larter engagement ring
Sarag Michelle Gellar engagement ring
Jaime Pressly  princess cut engagement ring
Jaime Pressly engagement ring
Hilary Duff  princess cut engagement ring
Hilary Duff engagement ring

Jewelry styles of princess cut engagement rings

A princess cut engagement ring is an option for women, who are in love with clean lines and elegance in jewelry design without any knickknacks. The diamond is an all time advantageous gemstone for this style of ring, but if you like colorful stones, you may find some chic versions of princess cut inky blue sapphires, soft pink quartzes, water blue aquamarines, red rubies or deep green emeralds.

Light blue aquamarine ring in white gold

Tender and beautiful jewelry option for a girl of cold color type, with ash blonde hair and grey-blue eyes. It seems rather neutral because of its soft colors.

white gold blue aquamarine engagement ring

Turquoise aquamarine & diamond halo ring in rose gold

Ladies who tend to declare their feelings loudly, normally want to wear bright colored engagement rings. As in, this bold one, which won’t remain unnoticed.

aquamarine rose gold engagement ring

Three diamonds engagement ring in yellow gold

This style of engagement ring embodies classics and modern trends, combining traditional yellow gold with three bold stones. Another neutral option for those who prefer traditions rather than bold fashion edginess.

yellow gold diamond engagement ring
True Facet

Yellow diamond engagement ring in white gold

Yellow gems go well with platinum or white gold. This engagement ring is a well-fit piece for a girl with gold shaded locks and fair skin.

white gold yellow diamond engagement ring
True Facet

Diamond engagement ring in yellow gold

The diagonal diamond at the center draw the eyes immediately and changes the fashion look of the ring, setting it apart from similar-looking jewelry items. A blend of delicate yellow gold and clear diamonds with this shape makes it classic and unconventional at the same time.

yellow gold diamond engagement ring

Elegant classic diamond engagement ring in rose gold

Solitaire diamond draws the eye, its jewelry perfection is supported by other stones that are amazingly in harmony with the basic in trendy rose gold.

rose gold solitaire diamond engagement ring

Princess cut diamond ring in yellow gold

Despite the fact that yellow gold is gradually giving way to its more relevant counterparts, like rose, white and red gold, it remains the enduring classic for many conformists, who don’t consider any other option as a ring. Even in combination with a transparent colorless diamond. But in this case you often need to bet on the original design that draws the eye.

yellow gold diamond engagement ring

Minimalist ruby engagement ring in sterling silver

This is exactly the case when it is necessary to satisfy the fashion needs of ascetics, who are guided by the principle of “less is more”. Silver is affordable, so is an artificial ruby, and this the engagement ring is perfect for those who don’t have an intention to spend a fortune at a jewelry boutique.

sterling silver ruby engagement ring

Pink sapphire engagement ring in white gold

Girls love pink – this is a fact. If a man knows that his sweetheart is in love with this sweet and tender color scheme, there is nothing more natural for him to purchase a beautiful gold ring with a bright or a delicate pink gemstone.

white gold pink sapphire engagement ring

Blue sapphire engagement ring in rose gold

If the bride tends to romantic and sophisticated shaped and designs, and even in jewelry accessories she is looking for an epitome of softness and artistry, then she may love a beautiful ring with a massive blue sapphire and small diamond pavé.

Black solitaire diamond engagement ring in rose gold

Love the classics, but can’t resist the stylish black stone drama? Then take a look at this ring of rose gold with black and colorless diamonds. It seems non-trivial and mundane at the same time, but not ordinary or plain.

Amethyst engagement ring in sterling silver

There are many women who love bold jewelry with royal vibes, but they don’t feel comfortable with eye catchy rubies or amazing emeralds. Large amethyst, natural or synthetic, may be a great alternative to them.

sterling silver amethyst engagement ring

Blue sapphire engagement ring in sterling silver

The beauty of silver combined with a deep noble sapphire color is constant and not subject to any fashionable innovations. If you are looking for an affordable engagement ring, you can opt for a sterling silver with manufactured sapphire and cubic zirconia stones.

sterling silver blue sapphire engagement ring

Green-blue diamond engagement ring in yellow gold

Yellow gold match perfectly to turquoise stones, square lines give the ring a special note, and the diamond pavé complements the overall picture, making this jewelry item “full-blooded”.

yellow gold green-blue diamond engagement ring
Dazzling Rock

Deep turquoise topaz engagement ring in rose gold

This engagement ring is characterized by an unusual color combination of rose gold and dazzling blue gemstone. it attracts the eye and won’t go unnoticed for the most inattentive ones.

turquoise topaz rose gold engagement ring
Dazzling Rock

Black diamond ring in yellow gold

Black diamonds beckon with its discreet luxury and dramatic chic. The combination of yellow gold for this stone seems is not quite typical, but a halo of colorless diamonds around makes the ring balanced and traditional.

yellow gold black diamond halo engagement ring
Dazzling Rock

Massive diagonal diamond ring in rose gold

Adherents of the minimalist shapes, sleek design and large stones in jewelry will definitely fall in love with this simple but incredibly stylish engagement ring.

rose gold diagonal diamond engagement ring

Sleek diamond engagement ring in yellow gold

Another example of an accessory that is designed for fans of classical forms without frills of modern jewelry style. Ring, from which it is impossible to get tired visually, and that will fit to any apparel.

yellow gold solitaire diamond engagement ring

Elegant ruby engagement ring in white gold

Brunette, brown-haired and all other women who can’t resist the stunning color of natural ruby, have to pay attention to this engagement ring, in which the bold stone comes to the fore, obscuring all other design elements.

white gold ruby and diamond halo engagement ring
Purely Diamonds

Chic engagement emerald ring in rose gold

Incredibly beautiful ring that will suit dark-haired brides with dark skin because its color scheme completely corresponds to this color type appearance.

rose gold emerald & diamonds engagement ring
Jeen Jewels

Minimalist engagement emerald ring in white gold

This emerald ring is similar to the previous model, but thanks to the white gold the whole emphasis falls on juicy green stone with straight clean lines.

white gold emerald & diamond halo engagement ring
Jewel Ocean

Topaz engagement ring in white gold

Clear bright blue topaz is always amazing in combination with silver, platinum and white gold. This ring is perfect for fair-skinned blonde with gray-blue eyes.

white gold blue topaz engagement ring

Elegant black diamond engagement ring in white gold

This engagement ring has everything you need as a lover of fashionable austerity in jewelry design. Nothing catches the eye by its deliberate screaming color and fancy shape. Black stone and white gold are perfectly combined with each other, requiring no other additional ornaments.

white gold black diamond engagement ring

Massive citrine engagement ring in white gold

If you appreciate great stones for rings, and don’t mind to wear such a piece as a symbol of engagement, pay attention to a jewelry with a yellow citrine. This stone is bright, but not eye-catchy, it looks non-trivial and fresh without irritating the eyes.

white gold, yellow citrine and topaz engagement ring

Pink sapphire engagement ring in sterling silver

Blondes who love pink color, will fall in love with this jewelry ring design combining lovely pale pink sapphire and affordable traditional 925 sterling silver. This ring combines the subtlety, simplicity, romance vibes and sophistication. It can be an incredible gift for a young girl.

sterling silver pink sapphire engagement ring
Sterling Forever