Asymmetric One Shoulder Wedding Dresses 2015

The asymmetric bodice wedding dresses with one shoulder in 2015 have been shown in many collections. Most of these dresses were very neat, and the asymmetry only gave them some “flavor”. In asymmetric bridal┬ádresses 2015 skirt and bodice were either sleek and minimalistic or just played up in volume and accessories.

Wedding dresses with one shoulder fit woman with beautiful neckline and chest, with prominent collarbones and especially with broad shoulders. The asymmetric cut diverts attention from broad shoulders, perfectly concealing them. If you have broad shoulders, but you do not want a wedding dress that completely covers the upper part of your body, opt for the dress with an asymmetric bodice, which closes the half of your chest diagonally.

It is not necessary to wear these dresses for those who have slim figure with narrow shoulders, because you can visually emphasize your angularity. If you are thin and want to wear the asymmetric bridal gown, opt for the large bow or ruffles on one shoulder that will make your shape more feminine and your style strong and saucy.

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Alexandra Levine

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