Asymmetrical dresses spring-summer 2015

Asymmetry has become one of the main fashion trends 2015, and it is very noticeable in dresses spring-summer 2015. Asymmetrical dresses have asymmetrical skirt or bodice – together or separately. The most common feature of fashionable dresses – asymmetrical skirt, which at one end opens a leg up to mid thigh, the other hand down below the knee.

This style of dress is most suitable for cocktail dresses, evening dresses or summer tunics to be worn on the beach or during a vacation. The beauty and originality of asymmetric dresses cannot be overstated, because this style is the highlight of any basic style. If you are a woman who prefers concise and elegant outfits, you will need to buy one stylish dress with asymmetrical bodice to dilute your summer wardrobe and feel at the height of fashion.

You can wear an asymmetric dress with thin summer sandals, gym shoes, Roman sandals, both flat and high-heeled shoes, with a comfortable moccasins or loafers. A huge advantage of asymmetric dress is that it can mask the flaws. For example, if you have very large or small breasts, asymmetry in the upper part of the dress will help to hide this shape feature and make it more harmonious.

Women with a protruding belly and wide waist should wear dresses with asymmetrical cut and print, because they distract attention from these flaws. If you chose asymmetric dress, try to make a simple hairstyle, without curls and provocative updos. Otherwise, your look will be overloaded, and the asymmetry will not be fashionable, but unpleasant and excessive.


Alexandra Levine

Alexandra Levine

Journalist, editor, fashion addict