Bags Spring-Summer 2015 Trends

Fashion bags spring-summer 2015 is a countless assortment of colorful and minimalist designs in men’s style, smooth business tote bags, and, of course, many pieces with crocodile print or python pattern.

Among new items – woven bags and bags with perforation, which fit perfectly into the concept of relevant spring-summer bags for the beach rest, summer sightseeing or vacation.

Sack bags

Smooth and soft sack bags are very handy, but their image is far from being accepted as business and elegant. This kind of bags is well suited for informal outing or as a perfect accessory for young girls that are alien to the rigid shapes and business style. They remind straight baggy style, many pieces are very elegant and have an austere minimalist design, smooth leather, and differ from the others only by the softness and some kind of shapelessness.

Sack bags Spring-Summer 2015


Sack bags spring summer 2015

Trendy backpacks

Backpacks in spring-summer 2015 became one of the most popular bag styles. You can find almost any style of backpack for any age and occasion. The collections have elegant, sport, youth, crocodile, textile backpacks, suede ones, backpacks with print and other variations of this comfortable shape of this hands free bag.

Trendy backpacks Spring-Summer 2015

Smooth bags

Smoothness is one of the main features for handbags in spring-summer 2015. To emphasize it, designers should deprive handbag color and prominent decorative elements, adhering to the ascetic leather smoothness. The bag can be made of calf leather, lacquer, synthetic leather with glossy effect, vinyl shine and even suede. The smoothness effect emphasizes thanks to the colors – shades of gray, beige and other shades of muted pastel color palette.

Smooth bags Spring-Summer 2015

Woven bags

Straw woven bags have always been a part of beach holiday, as well as straw hats. Today, straw bags are made with original woven technique, and the material can be different as well – both natural and artificial leather, textiles. The actual weaving can also be very thin, lacy and impermeable, with wide stripes of leather and fabric.

Woven bags Spring-Summer 2015

Crocodile print bags

Imitation of crocodile leather gradually loses its relevance in bag collections, but without any doubt, we are not speaking about the complete disappearance of this trend. Along with the classic combination of crocodile leather in black, brown, red, green, and blue colors crocodile gold and silver bags with metallic shimmer pop up.

Crocodile print bags Spring-Summer 2015

Python leather bags

Python print in a big trend spring-summer 2015 that confidently displaces crocodile print, and leopard pattern with zebra print can’t compete with it on the relevance.

Python print decorates hard and soft bags, you will find both monochrome juicy and traditional prints, which is found in the wild.

Python leather bags Spring-Summer 2015

python handbags spring summer 2015

Retro style handbags

Forties era is very important in 2015, because the demand for handbags with a rigid metal frame increases. This feature affects many bag designs including ultra-modern. It is not tied directly to the retro-style in its original form, it is easily seen in clutch bags and business bags with a master lock.

retro style bags spring summer 2015

Retro style frame bags Spring-Summer 2015

Suede bags

Suede is usually not the only material for the bag, but as its base and as additional elements, inserts, patches or edges. You can find fully suede bags, luxurious evening clutch bags, soft tote bags.

Suede bags Spring-Summer 2015

Envelope clutches

The envelope comes to the fore among other shapes of clutches and small shoulder bags. The main feature of the envelope clutch becomes acute triangular flap, and to emphasize it designers make it minimalistic.

Envelope clutches are widely represented in the collections of Roland Mouret, Salvatore Ferragamo, Carolina Herrera, Charlotte Olympia.

Envelope clutches Spring-Summer 2015

Printed bags

The print is a common decoration for any bags of spring-summer season, regardless of its shape and style. Even business bag can have a graceful pattern, which will not break the unity of style, but since we are talking about spring-summer, the most relevant and are bags with bright prints, multicolor, mainly bold, cartoon-like and floral. Valentino spring-summer 2015 collection has a lot of printed bags.

Printed bags  Spring-Summer 2015

Bags with perforation

Bags with perforation, simple in form of small holes or shaped in the form of lace thread on the leather – this is one of the biggest new trends of spring-summer 2015. These bags are well suited not only for the beach, you can wear them to work.

The most fashionable perforated bags you will find in the collections of Versace, Kenzo.

Bags with perforation Spring-Summer 2015

Hard case bags

Rigid bags remain at the peak of popularity, they still remain among the most relevant accessories for women who prefer a sleek fashionable style without catchy design. Hard case bags perfectly fit the image of a business woman, but in addition to the classic pieces you will see a lot of hard geometric shapes, purses similar to chests, books, voluminous box-like bags.

Hard case bags Spring-Summer 2015

Flat bags

Flat shape goes hand in hand with smooth and hard one. As always, flat bag often is the clutch, but not necessarily the evening one. A lot of folder bags that can suit business women. Flat folders bags do not contradict texture design, and you can find a lot of interesting items in a variety of styles as suede, crocodile or python.

Flat bags Spring-Summer 2015

Hobo bags

Different features of hobo bags were seen in the countless number of fashionable bags spring-summer 2015. They can be both soft and hard, smooth, with reptile imitations and fabrics, fancy youth and strict business handbags.

Hobo bags Spring-Summer 2015

Fancy bags

Summer is the time to add some variety into your wardrobe, pop it with bold funny things, but if you do not have enough courage to wear the clothing of the eye-catching design, keep your eyes out for these bags. In spring-summer collections you will find audacious bags for casual wear with cartoon prints, childly patterns, which are not really intended for children, but will serve as beautiful accessories for fashionistas.

Fancy bags Spring-Summer 2015

Chain handle bags

Chain is a classic handle for bags, however, before we could see it mainly in the evening accessories. In spring-summer 2015 season we have seen a lot of different bag designs with metal and plastic chain with large links.

Chain handle decorates clutches, flat folder bags, backpacks, baggy bags, and, of course, retro handbags and quilted bags, which were plugged by Chanel.

Chain handle bags Spring-Summer 2015

Fringe and fur bags

The fur is less relevant for bags in this spring-summer season, but the collections are still having accessories adorned with it. Fringe, which is one of the most outstanding new trends of the season, decorates many bags, turning them into Wild West-styled ones and giving rise to entirely new pieces, non-trivial variations of elegant handbags and beautiful summer versions.

Fringe and fur bags Spring-Summer 2015

Vertical bags

Fashion bags are changing their horizontal orientation to vertical. With each new season this trend is growing more pronounced, and spring-summer 2015 – this is another example of the growing influence of the vertical form, which is getting more and more numerous.

Vertical bags Spring-Summer 2015

Tiny bags

Fashion collections include more tiny bags which are casual handbags, backpacks, evening clutches and other items. Many of them have rigid design, there are even small designed tote bags small size. All these bags are perfect for the theater outing.

Tiny bags  Spring-Summer 2015

Bag with inlay and embroidery

Handbags with embroidery is very pleasant to touch, feeling the work of many artists who conjured these items several days. Embroidery on bags is set in the form of floral patterns that make these bags similar to the accessories of bygone eras noble ladies. Crystal embroidery, transparent and colored, large stones and small rhinestones are common decoration of these bags, especially hard ones.

Bag with inlay and embroidery Spring Summer 2015

Round bags

One of the new trends in spring-summer 2015 handbags is a round shape. As for style, fashion designers were not restricted, and you’ll decide on a flat round modern clutch or the bulk evening retro bag.

Round bags Spring-Summer 2015

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