Casual Everyday Women’s Shirts Fall-Winter 2014-2015

Plaid shirts and tunics

The plaid is one of the most popular prints for shirts, and always has been. For now we can see the new resurgence in plaid popularity: plaid shirts in red, blue, brown and green colors, many of them are referring to the UK color symbols, the others are just gently related to the authentic British theme with tartan and insist on the flexibility of women’s plaid shirts as well as the simple classic white blouse.

Casual plaid shirts 2014-2015 runway Casual plaid tunic and jacket 2014-2015
Denim Shirts

Denim shirt or denim jacket is one of the basics of the wardrobe for those who prefer casual style. It’s unlike jeans, which are easy to wear at any time of day and year, even adapting them to a night out. Fashionable outfits with denim jacket are not that simple, but not difficult neither. This fall-winter we have seen very simple, basic denim shirts with a minimal amount of decorative elements, lots of А-line cuts and dark blue denim shirts.

Casual denim shirts 2014-2015 Casual ladies denim shirts 2014-2015 denim ladies shirts 2014-2015

Small Print Shirts

Small prints always have been a great option for feminine casual shirt and summer blouse. It’s a stylish replacement for self-colored design and bold prints. That kind of prints is also considered as a perfect clothing when combined with basic trousers and skirts of any color. This fall-winter 2014-2015 season we can pick pretty low contrasting polka dot, psychedelic and small floral patterns, which can be very useful option for plus size women.

small floral print  shirts 2014-2015 casual small print shirts 2014-2015

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