Celebrity Hairstyles for Fat Chubby Face

Having round or just chubby fat face doasn’t seem to be funny if you are older than five. Fashion magazines are obsessed with beautiful prominent cheekbones, but what can you do if you have this baby face with plump cheeks? Actually it doesn’t really matter, because even chubby faced girls can look stunning with proper hairstyle. Celebrity with chubby faces show best examples of right hairstyles thet won’t make your look fatter.

Jennifer Lawrence: oval chubby face

Oscar winning hollywood actress has oval face, not fat, but rather chubby, that’s why she needs good hairstyle. Lond-haired Jennifer wore spare bangs and wavy locks, short haircut fitted her face perfectly as well because of soft layers on the top. Both hairstyles hide the front and it looks very flattering for this kind of face.

Chubby face hairstyles: Jennifer Lawrence lond hair and new haircut

Kirsten Dunst: symmetrical round chubby face

Kirsten Dunst chooses short bob haircut or medium length hairstyle with light waves. She has symmetrical face shape letting her wear even chin-length straight bob. Braided hairstyle with jewel accessories and side bangs looks amazing for special occasions as evening hairstyle.

Hairstyles for chubby face: Kirsten Dunst bob and crown braid

Kate Upton: round fat face with chubby cheeks

American supermodel and Victoria’s Secret Angel makes lingerie ad campains, but has not typical model face – round, chubby with plump cheeks. With face like hers you need beautiful eyes make up – Kate prefers retro 50s, – and hairstyles with big front hair. Back combing, moderate updos and side part flatter this chubby face.

Hairstyles for Fat Chubby Face: Kate Upton updo and long wavy hairstyle

Drew Barrymore: long face with chubby cheeks and prominent chin

Drew Barrymore’s face is not extra hard to fit in feminine beauty looks. With long chubby face you should make hairstyles that widen your face, they can be long or short. Drew’s face looks very balanced with slightly layerd blond short bob haircut and backswept wavy short hairstyle.

Hairstyles for Fat Chubby Face: Drew Barrymore short wavy and straight bob

Julia Stiles: round flat face with high cheekbones

Julia Stiles face is not easy to adapt to many hairstyles. She has flat round face with chubby cheeks, high cheekbones, small eyes and plump eyelids. If your have the same problems, accent your eyes with beautiful lines. As for hair, choose side bob versions, not very sleek and not very dimensional. Your look must be balanced, not aggressive.

Hairstyles for Fat Chubby Face: Julia Styles bob haircut

Adele: oval fat face with double chin

British singer has fat chubby face and plus size figure. But Adele has her personal style, she often chooses retro for make up and hair. 60s retro hairstyles with backcombed top fit her beautifully.

Hairstyles for oval Chubby Face: Adele retro styles with backcombed hair

Jenna Coleman: very wide face with chubby cheeks and prominent jawline

British Doctor Who star knows her face and how to make her medium length hairstyle balanced. Just say no to sleek hairstyles and straight part. Instead pick up voluminous updos and long bangs falling on wide cheekbones.

Hairstyles for Fat Chubby Face: Jenna Coleman evening hairstyles

Kelly Osbourne: pear shaped face with wide jawline and chubby cheeks

That kind of face shape is also rather difficult to make balanced. The main purpose is to make top side of the head look as big as jawline. Best option – always side parts and long layers in short haircuts on the top.

Hairstyles for Fat Chubby Face: Kelly Osbourne blonde and black hairstyles

Tara Lynn: wide chubby face

American plus size icon Tara Lynn has well balanced wide plump face with soft feminine features. What to do with it? Well, absolutely nothing particular. Tara keeps her hair healthy, long and sometimes slightly wavy. Irresistibly womenlike with neutral make up and well-conditionned marked natural eyebrows.

Hairstyles for Fat Chubby Face: Tara Lynn long and medium hairstyles

Emily Browning: symmetrical round face with chubby cheeks

Aussie actress and singer Emily Browning has very balanced symmetrical face with prominent apple-cheeks. It makes any girl look a bit baby like and some women aren’t happy with it. If you wanna look gorgeous, not childish, pick up long or medium hairstyle with well-groomed bangs on your chubby cheeks or daring plunging short layered haircut.

Hairstyles for Fat Chubby Face: Emily Browning long and short haircut


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