Cities to Visit in Mexico: 23 Best Travel Destinations

Mexico is an amazing country, which has absorbed years of history of various civilizations. Today Mexico is a legacy of Indian culture that was imposed a significant imprint of the Spanish colonization and the spirit of Caribbean culture with its dazzling scenery, lush tops of the palm trees and sun-drenched beaches.

Mexican culture is very close to Spanish. And while some living in Europe have the opportunity to visit the most beautiful cities of Spain, those who live in the Western hemisphere, may explore the sights of Mexico.

Below you’ll find 23 main cities and towns of Mexico you should visit, if you decide to travel across this country.

Mexico City

The capital of Mexico is a stunning city, amazing by mix of cultures and civilizations, where modernity collides with ancient times. Mexico City holds the status of the most populous and one of the largest cities in the world.

The city was founded by the ancient Aztecs in the fourteenth century, and was then called Tenochtitlan. Many centuries later, Mexico City has become a real Museum under the open sky with one and a half thousand monuments, hundreds of museums, interesting archaeological areas. And, of course, do not forget about the famous Mexican cuisine, which will display to you with all its facets.

Cities to Visit in Mexico: Mexico City


Acapulco is a port, major tourist center and resort area of Mexico, which attracts amateurs of all forms of recreation from the United States and from other parts of the world. Acapulco became famous as a resort town in the middle of the last century, and experts in tourism sector recommend to relax on the beaches of Acapulco in the winter, which falls on the dry season.

Acapulco is considered the nightlife capital of Mexico, so here you will find a huge number of nightclubs, restaurants, casinos and other entertainments.

Cities to Visit in Mexico: Acapulco


You’ve probably heard about the so called El Mariachi, the musicians. Guadalajara is the birthplace of this music style. The city is also known for its beautiful architectural structures in colonial style, green and blooming parks and gardens, delicious dishes of traditional Mexican cuisine and tequila. Here is the largest arena for charreada (the local version of Rodeo). This set of factors has developed Guadalajara to the the status of the cultural capital of the country.

Cities to Visit in Mexico: Guadalajara


Monterrey is called the most American of all Mexican cities, because geographical proximity have established strong trade and economic ties with the USA. Monterrey has also been acknowledged to be the safest city in Mexico and throughout Latin America, which undoubtedly makes it stand out from other cities.

If you come to Monterrey, be sure to visit the Museum of modern art and the Museum of Mexican history. The most famous natural attraction of the city and an integral part of its landscape is the mountain Cerro de la Silla.

Cities to Visit in Mexico: Monterrey


Morelia’s historic centre with the most famous architectural monuments is built of pink brick, which is why it is called the “pink city”. The most beautiful building in colonial style captivate the tourist hearts, and thanks to them, Morelia is officially the one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The city authorities even issued a special decree, according to which trade in the historical centre forbidden, that makes life easier for tourists. They may not distract from the the beauty of this Mexican city.

Cities to Visit in Mexico: Morelia


Puebla de Zaragoza is the capital city of Puebla. The official name of the city sounds even more majestic – Heroic Puebla de Zaragoza. It is easily accessible as the town is only a couple of hours drive from the capital. In 1987 Puebla was listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, it is the only city on the planet, located between four volcanoes.

Puebla is a real delight for the eyes because of its buildings painted in the brightest of contrasting colors. Here you can purchase souvenirs at the local markets where they sell handmade products made of leather, clay, natural stones.

Cities to Visit in Mexico: Puebla

León de Los Aldama

The city of Leon in different times belonged to different peoples, whose power is captured in its diverse architecture in different styles. One of the main attractions of Leon is the Temple of atonement of the sacred Heart of Jesus, one of the greatest architectural buildings in the Gothic style. Another impressive one is the triumphal arch of the heroes with a lion, which was repeatedly rebuilt.

Cities to Visit in Mexico: Leon de Los Aldama (Gustavo Rodriguez Mena)


Another Mexican city in the list of UNESCO. Prior to the twentieth century the history and development of Guanajuato were inseparably connected with silver mining, and today its winding streets lead tourists who constantly take pictures of the most beautiful historical part with the magnificent colonial architecture. Many city buildings were named among the most beautiful examples of Mexican Baroque. One of the main attractions of Guanajuato is the Mummy Museum, working from the early nineteenth century.

Cities to Visit in Mexico: Guanajuato

San Francisco de Campeche

The former Mayan village, San Francisco de Campeche was invaded by the Spanish conquistadors in the sixteenth century. In the seventeenth century started the construction of the fortress, which became his second name. San Francisco de Campeche is full of history. This walled city with its colonial buildings in a bright palette attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. In 1999 the city was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Cities to Visit in Mexico: San Francisco de Campeche

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a famous Mexican resort and a young city, founded only in 1851. It is very attractive as a tourist destination due to the mixture of modernity and history, ancient streets and modern luxury hotels. Puerto Vallarta owns ten luxurious beaches, which are never empty, because 300 days a year the sun is shining here!

Cities to Visit in Mexico: Puerto Vallarta


If you are planning a Mexican vacation, not to consider Cancun is absolutely impossible. In the seventies of the last century this small fishing settlements began to grow into the center Mexican resort life.  Today in Cancun you’ll find the tourist leisure for every taste – from fishing and diving to spa treatments in luxurious hotels and relaxing shopping.

Cities to Visit in Mexico: Cancun

Taxco de Alarcón

Taxco de Alarcón is a small town of Mexico, 180 km from Mexico City. It deserves attention due to its magnificent architectural buldings. The main attraction of the city is a beautiful baroque style church. The cable car offers breathtaking views of the city-reserve. The silver mining brought the glory to Tasco, and nowadays the tourists may do they own silver shopping at the numerous local shops.

Cities to Visit in Mexico: Tasco

San Cristobal de Las Casas

If you have enough courage and patience to reach the city by mountain road, then you will be able to visit San Cristobal de Las Casas, called the “magic city”. The main attraction is the Catholic Church that combines the Baroque and Moorish architectural features. In San Cristobal the production of amber is highly developed, there is the whole Museum of Amber here. In the city you can buy an inexpensive Mexican souvenirs which will cost much more expensive in other typical tourist areas.

Cities to Visit in Mexico: San Cristobal

Oaxaca de Juarez

Oaxaca is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mexico. It holds the spirit of a quiet Mexican town with the blazing bright colors. Oaxaca with its archaeological site of Monte Alban and (50 km from the town) an ancient city of Mitla is a paradise for antiquity enthusiasts.

The main architectural attractions of the late times: the Cathedral of Nuestra Señora de La Asunción and the Church of Santo Domingo de Guzmán.

Cities to Visit in Mexico: Oaxaca


Mazatlan is an old Mexican port city, known as the “shrimp capital”, in which is has grown from a small fishing village. Today Mazatlan is a large resort in Mexico, which attracts not only tourists that love the clean sea, pristine greenery and delicious cuisine, it is also a cultural and historical center with the Cathedral as the main attraction.

Cities to Visit in Mexico: Mazatlan

San Luis Potosi

San Luis Potosi is another Mexican “silver city”, where the past and the present woven closely. There are some beautiful squares (Plaza de Armas, Plaza del Carmen, Plaza Aranzazu, Plaza Fundadores), each of which is imbued with the historical spirit. You can take a stroll in the Park of San Francisco, in the garden Hidalgo, enjoying the views of old churches and quiet cobbled streets.

San Luis Potosi owns the statue of Jesus Christ, several beautiful waterfalls and lots of interesting museums, for example, a Gallery of Antiques and collectibles, the Museum Federico Silva.

Cities to Visit in Mexico: San Luis Potosi


Cuernavaca is called the city of eternal spring, it attracts tourists by its mild climate, the diversity of architecture and its authenticity. Cuernavaca is a city of fairs, carnivals and festivals.

Teopanzolco archaeological excavations and ancient pre-Hispanic city of Xochicalco are the parts of the cultural and historical heritage of Cuernavaca.

Cities to Visit in Mexico: Cuernavaca


Chihuahua stands at the confluence of the Sacramento and Chuviscar. In addition to the main attractions of the historic city, the Cathedral of San Francisco, Plaza de Armas, Plaza Mayor, Government Palace, you can walk endlessly through the streets, bumping into delightful mansions, churches and modern buildings, that have merged with the old architecture Chihuahua.

Cities to Visit in Mexico: Chihuahua

Santiago de Queretaro

Santiago de Queretaro is called the cradle of Mexican independence and the city of bright colors. For this reason, you will not be bored in this city, where you will be able to endlessly photograph the sights and ordinary houses, painted with a vibrant imagination.

The city is located in the center of Mexico, in the state with a high standard of living and low crime rate. Santiago de Queretaro has many religious buildings, big and small churches and cathedrals.

Cities to Visit in Mexico: Santiago de Queretaro


If you are delighted with colonial architecture with bold colors, then don’t miss the chance to visit Zacatecas. The city is famous for its religious buildings, among which the most interesting are the monastery of St. Augustine, St. John, St. Francis, baroque style cathedral.

Cities to Visit in Mexico: Zacatecas


Tampico is a resort town located on the Persian Gulf. Tampico has everything you need: beaches, architectural sights, modern entertainment centers, city parks and restaurants for every taste.

Cities to Visit in Mexico: Tampico


The largest city in the northwestern part of Mexico, which grew on the site of the Spanish village of Nombre de Dios. The historical part of the city includes a huge number of surviving monuments. The landscapes and the architectural buildings in Durango for many years attracted the filmmakers, shooting the classic westerns here.

Cities to Visit in Mexico: Durango

San Miguel de Allende

The symbol of the city, the main attraction and the pride of San Miguel is the Catholic Parish Church. Another tourist site is the Mask Museum called “the Other face of Mexico”, as well as the Botanical garden, populated by cacti. The garden located on a hill, offering beautiful views of the city and yon. Near the city there are several thermal springs and a stunning temple complex Atotonilco El Grande, included on the World Heritage list of UNESCO.

Cities to Visit in Mexico: San Miguel de Alliende

Mexico is one of the most travelled countries in the world that attracts tourists from different corners of our planet. Someone comes here to spend their honeymoon on the coast, others can’t wait to plunge into the ancient civilization, exploring the dead cities and archaeological sites, which abound in the country. Others admire the Spanish colonial style, and want to capture it in the architectural buildings on the streets of modern Mexico.