Cocktail Dresses Spring-Summer 2015 Trends

Cocktail dresses spring-summer 2015 have fascinating asymmetrical silhouette, they are made of shiny fabrics, and, of course, again we will not be able to do without retro theme.

Retro style is the most fruitful theme for cocktail dresses, and the fashion collections full of 50s and 60s style dresses prove this again. Metallic silver and gold is also the traditional trend for cocktail dresses for every season.

Asymmetric cocktail dresses

Asymmetrical cocktail dresses have become one of the most popular trends in spring-summer 2015. The asymmetry is evident both in the bodice and the skirt, many cocktail dresses are similar to origami.

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Rigid cocktail dresses

Rigid short dresses silhouette refers to the 50s and 60s. It’s is very popular among skinny girls, for which cocktail dresses with rigid architectural silhouette will be a good choice.

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Gold cocktail dresses

Gold dresses are a great sign of the retro era. With a single glance at them, we are reminded of incendiary parties at the mansion of Mr. Gatsby. Gold cocktail dresses combine retro and modern trends of all fashion dresses spring-summer 2015.

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Cocktail dresses with bell skirt

Bell skirt was inherent in New Look, invented, implemented and popularized by Christian Dior. The bell skirt of modern cocktail dresses can be tough, flowing, mini or knee length. Cocktail dresses with bell skirt look great together with the bustier bodice.

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American armhole cocktail dresses

American armhole is very common in all styles of dresses spring-summer 2015, and we have seen it in evening dresses and casual summer dresses. If you have wide shoulders, american armhole will help to hide this disadvantage, visually narrowing them.

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Bustier cocktail dresses

The bustier bodice allows you to accent a beautiful neckline, and combined with the short skirt we get stylish cocktail dresses that are perfect for young slim girls. This style does not require any accessories for the neck.

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Open shoulders cocktail dresses

This is another feature typical to the 70s style dresses. If you want to open shoulders, you don’t need to put on daring fully opened bustier dress, there is a stylish option – the bodice with sleeves lowered down, baring the neckline.

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Long sleeve cocktail dresses

Cocktail dresses with long sleeves look bold and reminiscent of the 80s style. You should wear these  dresses with flat shoes or low heels, refusing high heels.

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One shoulder cocktail dresses

One shoulder dresses became one of the hits of 2015. Unconditional advantage of this style is the ability to make the silhouette slimmer and more graceful, on the other hand one shoulder dress looks fresh, new and daring.

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Crystal embellished cocktail dresses

It is impossible to imagine cocktail dresses without shining radiant elements. if you don’t want to wear a dress of gold or silver fabric, choose a piece with a luxurious embroidery with crystals and sequins.

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Embroidery and appliques cocktail dresses

Floral embroidery and appliques are inextricably linked with summer dresses, and cocktail dresses are no exception. If you are delighted with the floral theme, don’t deny yourself the pleasure to buy romantic short dress with bright floral arrangements.

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Silver metallic cocktail dresses

Gold cocktail dresses – this is another bow in the direction of the retro theme, while silver is rather reminiscent of futuristic fashion. If you have a cold color type and like the futuristic fashion, in the collections of spring-summer cocktail dresses you can find many suitable pieces. And don’t forget about the extraordinary relevance of all shades of grey.

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50s style cocktail dresses

Girls with a tiny waist and big bust should pay attention to the 50s style cocktail dresses. They will allow them to feel like real movie stars such as Sophia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida and Marilyn Monroe, whom we have often seen in these dresses.

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60s style cocktail dresses

60s style cocktail dresses are often deprived of the marked waist and have all features of architectural style that prevailed in this fashion period. If you have long beautiful legs and you are slim and not very tall, 60s style short cocktail dresses is what you need to shine and sparkle at fun parties.

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Alexandra Levine

Alexandra Levine

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