Evening Dresses Spring-Summer 2015 Trends

Evening dresses spring-summer 2015 enchant us with the abundance of colors, transparent fabrics, flowing materials. Many evening dresses from the first sight cannot be taken for luxurious evening gowns that women usually wear to social events.

In the range of long dresses spring-summer 2015 you will find beautiful evening dresses that can be worn to ceremonial events and informal occasions as well. Evening fashion not so much stand above the girls in terms of luxurious materials – some of these dresses are very simple and similar to a typical casual summer dresses.

Shining evening dresses

Shine is one of the components, which distinguishes a simple dress from evening attire. In 2015 we wear long evening dresses from shining material in different shades. Metallic silver and gold among the absolute favorites. Give up the shiny evening dresses, if your figure is not perfect.

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Princess style evening dresses

Princess style dresses are fully lined with lush flared skirt and marked waist. In the collections of spring-summer 2015 there’s a lot of dresses in the princess style, which have a normal bodice with sleeves or bustier. This style of evening dress is perfect for prom dresses and evening out for young girls for whom this silhouette is more preferable than for adult women.

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Minimalist evening dresses

Girls who appreciate minimalism and simplicity in dresses, often have difficulty choosing evening dresses, which usually have splendor of decoration and design. But not in 2015. Minimalist evening dresses are fitting outfits with smooth lines, adjacent silhouettes and monochromatic color scheme in which you can find dresses of deep and pastel shades.

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Tulle evening dresses

Tulle dresses look light, airy and incredibly romantic. Evening dress with tulle skirt, which consists of several layers, can be a great outfit for prom or for any other magnificent triumph occasion. Tulle dresses can be of different shades, but pastel and light warm colors are more numerous.

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Evening dresses with embroidery and appliques

If you don’t like pastel colors and simple design, choose a glamorous evening dresses with patterned embroidery and floral appliques. When wearing a long dress with bright patterns, if not in the spring and summer? Evening dress with flower and crystal applique highlight you in the crowd, but in addition you need to find a calm, minimalist accessories. For example, in the collections of handbags spring summer 2015 you will find plenty of smooth clutches, and shoes spring-summer 2015 offer beautiful sandals with thin leather straps.

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Long sleeve evening dresses

Evening dresses with long sleeves become a tradition of modern fashion, which returns the canons of retro looks. This year there are plenty of retro style dresses, evening dresses with slim silhouette, long sleeves and a deep neckline, cuffs with ruffles.

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Slit evening dresses

Slit evening dress is a way to demonstrate your femininity and seductiveness, refusing transparent fabrics and short dresses. The dress may have one or two slits that appears on the side or in the middle. In any case, these dresses accentuate beautiful legs and attract the eye to the lower area of the body. This is another reason to wear stylish classic pumps.

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Evening dresses with flower print

Floral print evening dress – it’s unusual, very feminine and summery. Evening dresses with floral print create a special mood and take away unnecessary pomp. Long dresses spring-summer 2015 with floral print can be both evening and casual, so if you buy this piece, you can wear it for different occasions.

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Train evening dresses

The train is a feature not only for wedding dresses, because the spring-summer 2015 unexpectedly introduced the fashion evening dresses with train. As might be expected, it adorns A-silhouette or just princess style dresses, because it’s tradition, from which the designers did not dare to retreat.

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High-low evening dresses

The high low trend is a modern alternative to the slit. If slit evening dresses have predominantly adjacent silhouette, high low are always lush dresses with marked waist. High low evening dress is another way to draw attention to the legs and beautiful shoes.

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Lace evening dresses

Lace made a small revolution within the fashion. It has ceased to be material only for wedding dresses, becoming an excellent basis for evening dresses. Cocktail dresses spring-summer 2015 are also in a large number crafted from delicate lace, vintage and carved. Lace evening dresses are made mainly in pastel shades, shades of milk, white, ivory.

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See through evening dresses

Transparency in evening dresses is manifested in different ways, but the translucent fabric of the skirt and bodice were the most common trendy techniques. Long sheer dress has a lot of advantages over a simple short dress that opens legs. They let you feel your own femininity, creating a gentle romantic summer look.

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Nude evening dresses

Nude shade is still popular for summer dresses, and these pieces can be found in different styles. Nude shade dresses are mostly for the same girls, who appreciate minimalism. The most popular shades of nude shades are ivory, milk, caramel-pink, muted pink and creamy beige.

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