Eyeshadow Colors for Brown Eyes: Celebrity Makeup Ideas

Dark-brown eyes always look impressive, but this does not mean that they do not need additional underlining with a make-up. Brown eyes can be small or deep-set, standing out on a wide or plump face, which puts the girls in front of the need to do makeup with the focus on their eyes.

We present the range of celebrity makeup ideas for brown eyes, emphasized with expressive eyeshadow colors.

Jennifer Lopez

For the red carpet looks the hot Latina singer doesn’t accept any beauty styles other than the most catchy and loud speaking (in terms of fashion, indeed). Jennifer Lopez makeup always attracts attention by the thin eyeliner and the technique of the smoky eyes in different shades – from classic silvery metallic and brown-beige to bright green eyeshadow with pearlescent sparkling and muted dusty gray-purple.

Eyeshadow Colors for Brown Eyes: Jennifer Lopez

Jessica Alba

The acclaimed beauty (another one with Latin roots) is always fascinating with her beautiful dark brown eyes and olive skin. In life, Jessica resorts to natural makeup in warm colors with golden accents, and for the outings the actress often chooses rich makeup options, for example, with gray or navy blue eyeshadow of a matte texture.

Eyeshadow Colors for Brown Eyes: Jessica Alba

Selena Gomez

Dark chestnut, almost black hair combined with dark brown eyes and congenital adolescent charm let Selena Gomez wear deep and rich shades in her makeup. The young singer often bets on expressive eye makeup, for example, with silvery gray or even pink eyeshadow.

Eyeshadow Colors for Brown Eyes: Selena Gomez

Emmy Rossum

Emmy has round, dark brown eyes and beautiful shiny chocolate brown hair. Such appearance allows the actress to experiment with the color range in makeup, choosing the bright and rich, then the natural colors of eyeshadow, which are close to her color type. To create a soft beauty look Emmy does a makeup in shades of brown or gray, but sometimes her makeup artist opts for color, coinciding with the shade of her outfit. It can be bright green, royal blue, and lilac-pink eyeshadow.

Eyeshadow Colors for Brown Eyes: Emmy Rossum

Keira Knightley

Makeup with dark eyeshadow colors in the technique of smoky eyes has long been a calling card of a British star. At times, she departs from the shades of brown, choosing the dark or muted matte shades of purple or even navy blue.

Eyeshadow Colors for Brown Eyes: Keira Knightley

Lea Michele

Italian genes endowed the actress with dark eyes and beautiful brown hair. Such appearance allows Leah to do a makeup with dark and bright eyeshadow, including matte dark blue, muted gold and daring pink.

Eyeshadow Colors for Brown Eyes: Lea Michele

Olivia Palermo

Olivia is a style icon, watched by millions of her followers from around the world. Experiments with style and makeup are not alien to the girl, due to her bright outside with big brown eyes. Eyeshadows of golden, gray, blue and even bright shades of mint green is what Palermo can afford, combining her makeup with stylish outfits or simply matching it with the mood of the day.

Eyeshadow Colors for Brown Eyes: Olivia Palermo

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has a wide round face with plump cheeks, so she needs a flashy eye makeup to make her face features balanced. The singer obviously knows about this, so often she can be seen with the traditional smoky eye makeup in shades of gray, blue, green, brown and sparkling peachy pink.

Eyeshadow Colors for Brown Eyes: Demi Lovato

Nicole Richie

Nicole likes the unexpected beauty looks, demonstrating her willingness to take on the new fashion and hot beauty trends. Richie appeared at the events with not only comfortable for her golden-beige color palette, but also with shades of gray and metallic neon blue eyeshadow.

Eyeshadow Colors for Brown Eyes: Nicole Richie

Adele Exarchopoulos

The young star of independent French cinema prefers relaxed looks, but on the red carpet Adele often seen with expressive smoky eye makeup with matte brown or silvery gray eyeshadow.

Eyeshadow Colors for Brown Eyes: Adele Exarchopoulos

Kendall Jenner

Kendall is a perfect example of the fact that girls with dark brown eyes and dark chestnut hair should pay attention not only to gray and brown palette in their eyeshadow. The great illustration of an eye-catchy contrasting makeup is a dark blue or bright yellow-green color on the eyelids.

Eyeshadow Colors for Brown Eyes: Kendall Jenner

Emily Ratajkowski

Men go crazy about this new Hollywood star, not knowing where to look – at her tempting breasts or enticing lips. But if this brown-eyed beauty does a makeup with matte dark blue or silver gray eyeshadows, they will have no choice. The eyes are in focus.

Eyeshadow Colors for Brown Eyes: Emily Ratajkowski

Zoey Deutch

The actress has small and deep-set eyes, that’s why she needs an emphatic eye makeup that harmonizes her facial features. For the red carpet looks Zoey goes for not only neutral versions of classic smoky eyes in brown and gray, but she also applies bold shades like orange, even with sparkling glitter.

Eyeshadow Colors for Brown Eyes: Zoey Deutch

Magdalena Frackowiak

The blonde Polish top-model is known for her outstanding appearance with broad cheekbones and square face shape, on which almond-shaped brown eyes are standing out, contrasting with natural blond hair. To balance the facial features, smoky makeup that visually increase the eye area is required. It can be a brown-colored eyeshadow or a simpler makeup technique with matte dark blue shade around the eye.

Eyeshadow Colors for Brown Eyes: Magdalena Frackowiak