Eyeshadow Colors For Gray Eyes

Pure gray eyes are not as common and widespread as it may seem. If you look at the pictures of girls with gray eyes, you notice that they have either a blue or green undertone that easily comes to the fore at a certain shade of clothing or eyeshadow.

Here is a selection of pics and tips for choosing the right eyeshadow color for gray eyes.

What eyeshadow colors are suitable for gray eyes

Gray and silver eyeshadow for classic smoky eyes

For blondes, brunettes and brown hair women with gray eyes a classic grey shade with the effect of metallic Shine will never be superfluous in the purse. It’s a win-win for evening makeup, which can be made more intense and bright, mix grey base with green, pink, purple or brown shadow.

Eyeshadow Colors For Gray Eyes: gray silver

Beige-brown eyeshadow for neutral sophisticated makeup

Blondes of warm color type with gray eyes and naturally golden, caramel or honey hair, look always fabulous with neutral beige eyeshadow.

Eyeshadow Colors For Gray Eyes: beige and brown

Peach, orange, terracotta shades for warm contrasting makeup

With the help of reddish orange undertones in the eyeshadow, varying degrees of depth or intensity, a girl with gray eyes can create bright and high-contrasting makeup, illuminating the eye color.

Eyeshadow Colors For Gray Eyes: warm peach shanes

Eyeshadow Colors For Gray Eyes: orange

Pink and lavender eyeshadow for subtle feminine makeup

Blonde ladies with gray eyes should try soft feminine makeup with pink or purple (lavender) eyeshadow. If you consider wearing a dress or a blouse in these shades, be sure to try the eyeshadow that match the color of the fabric. Your beauty look will be stunning – you’ll see that!

Eyeshadow Colors For Gray Eyes: pink lavender lilac

Deep purple, magenta, mulberry eyeshadow for dramatic evening makeup

Gray-eyed brunettes or brown-haired women can try dark rich shades of purple to create an expressive evening makeup. These shades should be applied with caution in order not to make the makeup cheap and tacky.

Eyeshadow Colors For Gray Eyes: purple and violet

Eyeshadow Colors For Gray Eyes: purple and magenta

Muted smoky green eyeshadow for gray-green eyes

Women with gray-green eyes must emphasize their green hue, illuminating it with the proper eyeliner or eyeshadow. This makeup makes your eyes brighter and more expressive without classic heavy smoky eyes. This beauty tip works especially for blondes of warm color type.

Eyeshadow Colors For Gray Eyes: khaki green

Eyeshadow Colors For Gray Eyes: gray and green

Celebrity makeup ideas for gray eyes

Jennifer Lawrence

Deep-set gray hooded eyes of Jennifer Lawrence is something to be careful with, while doing makeup. The Hollywood makeup artists know that, and thanks to this we are seeing J.Law with subtle beauty looks with soft beige and gray eyeshadow.

Eyeshadow Colors For Gray Eyes: Jennifer lawrence

Dakota Fanning

Light skin, natural light wheat blond, limpid gray eyes – this appearance requires careful makeup treatment. The young actress wisely refuse doing a heavy makeup and opting for light beige, gray, or dusky blue eyeshadow.

Eyeshadow Colors For Gray Eyes: Dakota Fanning

Jessica Stam

Being a supermodel means having the possibility to try different types of makeup. Bright grey eyes and golden hair of Jessica Stam is an absolute indication for cool restrained tones, silver and beige eyeshadow, avoiding bold colors and coarse liners.

Eyeshadow Colors For Gray Eyes: Jessica Stam

Sarah Jessica Parker

Long face with narrow deep-set eyes requires great professional skills of the makeup artists who over and over again trying to make Sarah Jessica Parker beautiful and stylish. Frankly, this is not always possible, because the heavy makeup with thick, dark shadows is not that she needs.

Eyeshadow Colors For Gray Eyes: Sarah Jessica Parker

Natalia Vodianova

Wide-set eyes make her face childish and sweet. In real life the model almost never use makeup, while in the advertising campaigns she tried on different styles of makeup, both bright and heavy, expressive, sexy and provoking. Blue, grey and beige are the best eyeshadow colors for her cold summer color type.

Eyeshadow Colors For Gray Eyes: Natalia Vodianova

Katy Perry

The life of Katy Perry is a continuous celebration of pop art, which finds its place in her makeup as well. Using neon shades of emerald green, light green, cobalt blue and purple, Katy changes the perception of color of her cold gray eyes that become brighter.

Eyeshadow Colors For Gray Eyes: Katy Perry

Amy Adams

Red-haired Amy Adams with light gray-blue eyes doesn’t need a heavy makeup, especially smoky eyes. On the red carpet the actress appears with natural beige, pink and gray-blue eyeshadow colors, which are often combined with the color of her outfit.

Eyeshadow Colors For Gray Eyes: Amy Adams

Nathalie Dormer

Clear gray-blue eyes of Natalie Dormer match perfectly with her golden-ash-blonde. The actress wisely doesn’t use bright or deep shades of makeup, preferring a muted creamy-beige with a soft grey, ash pink, muted gray-lavender colors without flashy accents.

Eyeshadow Colors For Gray Eyes: Nathalie Dormer

Saoirse Ronan

Saoirse gray eyes seem blue or green depending on the color of her hair, eyeshadow and clothing. The actress uses both cold and warm shades, adjusting the makeup to the color scheme of her whole look. Gray and golden beige eyeshadow underlines beautifully the color of her eyes.

Eyeshadow Colors For Gray Eyes: Saoirse Ronan

Lily MacDonald

Lily MacDonald has the classic cool and pure gray eyes without any undertones. To make her makeup balanced, she needs to match her eyeshadow to the shade of her blonde. With neutral ashy blonde silver smoky eyes looks great, with warm honey and caramel blonde golden eyeshadow is the best match.

Eyeshadow Colors For Gray Eyes: Lily MacDonald

Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger is not only a great German actress, she is also an acclaimed fashionista, who regularly changes her looks. In her beauty images the actress adheres to the classics in the form of a smoky eye style, but sometimes she adds some color on the eyelids.

Eyeshadow Colors For Gray Eyes: Diane Kruger