Eyeshadow Colors For Green Eyes

Eyeshadow palette for green eyes is similar to colors, which are applied to the gray eyes. The same lavender and purple, the same muted green and gray, the same beige and orange. The only difference is that gray eyes are always cold, while green can be warm (muted gray-green, soft green-brown or hazel) and cold (bright or clear, jade shaded, blended with blue undertone or close to the emerald or grassy shade).

Because of the variety of shades of green eyes, the palette of eyeshadow for them is also diverse. And, of course, we always need to consider the specific women’s color type: clear green-eyed blonde with light skin and dark-skinned brunettes with warm khaki/olive green eyes have to use different color palettes.

What eyeshadow colors are suitable for green eyes?

Teal & turquoise eyeshadow for juicy summer makeup

Eyeshadow Colors For Green Eyes: Teal and turquoise

Purple & magenta eyeshadow for dramatic makeup

Eyeshadow Colors For Green Eyes: violet and purple

Eyeshadow Colors For Green Eyes: Lilac and lavender

Khaki & olive green eyeshadow for warm muted natural makeup

Eyeshadow Colors For Green Eyes: Khaki and olive

Bright green eyeshadow for non-trivial evening makeup

Eyeshadow Colors For Green Eyes: Grassy and emerald green

Orange eyeshadow for summer pop art beauty look

Eyeshadow Colors For Green Eyes: Coral orange Eyeshadow Colors For Green Eyes: Bright orange

Celebrity makeup for green eyes

Olivia Wilde

Olivia’s almond-shaped green eyes are often highlighted with the classic smoky eyes technique. The makeup artists use for them green, gray and purple eyeshadow with an expressive eyeliner.

Eyeshadow Colors For Green Eyes: Olivia Wilde

Kristen Stewart

The young actress is permanently changing her hairstyle and hair color, but for makeup she maintains a kind of beauty steadiness. Her almond-shaped warm green eyes become even more sexy, attractive with neutral taupe, basic beige and subtle gray eyeshadow. Black eyeliner around the eyes with time has become a real peculiar beauty feature of Kristen Stewart.

Eyeshadow Colors For Green Eyes: Kristen Stewart

Scarlett Johansson

Actual Scarlett beauty look complies with the neutral tones and subtle shades. But a few years ago, the actress showed brighter makeup looks with orange and purple eyeshadow, which perfectly emphasized the tone of her beautiful green eyes.

Eyeshadow Colors For Green Eyes: Scarlett Johansson

Emma Stone

New Oscar winner is well-known for her huge green eyes. The actress often appears on the red carpet with expressive makeup in both warm and cool shades.

Eyeshadow Colors For Green Eyes: Emma Stone

Jessica Biel

The sexy and seductive actress always demonstrates amazing red carpet outfits and prominent beauty looks. In her makeup Jessica adheres to the neutral shades with the advantage of beige, and eye-catching colors with a focus on the eyes. For example, a teal eyeliner and purple/lavender eyeshadow charmingly underline the shade of her warm green eyes.

Eyeshadow Colors For Green Eyes: Jessica Biel

Rachel McAdams

The Canadian actress has the same shade of green eyes as Jessica Biel, but in her beauty images Rachel often adheres to the neutral feminine makeup options. McAdams has a softer appearance without this prominent sexiness, and therefore her eyeshadow colors are simpler and gentler. Rachel applies neutral golden beige, olive, taupe eyeshadow. However, the purple color is also suitable to her eyes.

Eyeshadow Colors For Green Eyes: Rachel McAdams

Amanda Seyfried

Such appearance requires careful handling and subdued colors for everyday makeup. But Amanda is a Hollywood star, so she can adopt different makeup options that fit her natural light blonde hair. Her bright green eyes with a hint of light green opal or semi-precious jade combine beautifully with fresh mint, neutral taupe, peachy gold and dusty lilac eyeshadow.

Eyeshadow Colors For Green Eyes: Amanda Seyfried

Aishwarya Rai

On the red carpet Aishwarya often appears with the smoky eyes style in soft brown and warm green palette. Royal blue and deep teal eyeshadow is also a possible eye-catching makeup option for the Indian beauty.

Eyeshadow Colors For Green Eyes: Aishwarya Rai

Cara Delevingne

Wide prominent eyebrows is what we love the most about British model. With this kind of face features Cara needs the proper eye makeup that will make her face features balanced. Her gray-green eyes go well together with cool prominent green and muted pink eyeshadow.

Eyeshadow Colors For Green Eyes: Cara Delevingne

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Another British runway star with green eyes and natural soft blonde hair. Rosie has a very subtle type of appearance, that demands neutral feminine shades in the makeup. Beige-brown, soft warm muted gray-green, taupe, coral and cerise pink – this is the most suitable eyeshadow palette for her cool shaded gray-green eyes.

Eyeshadow Colors For Green Eyes: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Adriana Lima

The hot Brazilian model with almond-shaped gray-green eyes reveals very simple examples of how to underscore their depth and strengthen their attraction. It’s a smoky-eye of any palette from gray to pink and purple, or the more casual technique of applying eyeshadow, but with the use of a thin eyeliner around the whole eye.

Eyeshadow Colors For Green Eyes: Adriana Lima

Amber Heard

Amber became famous not only as an actress, but as a companion, and now an ex-wife of Johnny Depp and the woman that turns heads with her accentuated beauty and sparkling femininity. A huge role in her women’s appeal play her beautiful green eyes. Makeup artists wisely emphasize them with warm green, muted purple and golden beige eyeshadow with soft pearl shining, gently blending the harsh lines.

Eyeshadow Colors For Green Eyes: Amber Heard