Fendi Handbags Fall-Winter 2014-2015 Collection

Fendi handbags fall-winter 2014-2015 collection is the epitome of elegance, mixed with original views on women’s bags. Fendi sees fashion bags reserved and laconic, but without denying their brightness and non-trivial approach to design.

As for the color palette, Fendi handbags are all pretty muted and without unexpected splashes of color. The collection includes orange, terracotta, gray, muted green, beige shades, but a rare bag is really striking.

What really catches the eye in the new Fendi collection, it’s sharp geometric shapes. Hexagon shape is very popular as a trend for many fashion designer handbags 2015, and at Fendi’s this trend is expressed very clearly, just like in the collection of Furla handbags Fall-Winter 2014-2015.

Imitation of the opened bag trend still working as well as fur, embroidered or encrusted handbags, leather with crocodile and python print.

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