Gold Emerald Bracelets: 2014-2015 Trends

Yellow gold shades combine perfectly with an amazing natural shade of emerald. This combination of colors allows designers to create beautiful jewelry bracelets joining gold with emeralds, including gemstones in outstanding designs of fine gold braided branches or massive smooth run bracelets. Yellow gold emerald bracelets work for brunette girls, they combine with green shade outfits and self-sufficient red dresses and suits.

Gold bracelets with emerald eyes

Emerald green shade is associated with magical eye color, which you will not find in nature, of course. Snake, leopard, elephant, or some other animal shape jewelry pieces, made of gold, are often adorned with small or big emerald eyes. No exceptions to this rule in 2014-2015, in jewelry collections you will find bracelets, often in the form of snake, as well as horses and leopards with emerald eyes.

Gold bracelets with bold emeralds

Emerald is too luxurious gemstone to make it unobtrusive. At least, that’s what many women think and those who are capable to afford massive gold bracelets, can buy them in a heavy cast base, decorated with rectangular or round gems.

If this is your case, and you love big emeralds, choose bracelets with gemstones in neat design in order not to look tasteless. Bold emeralds should be well separated from each other visually.

Gold diamond bracelets with emeralds

Emeralds are able to join diamonds miraculously, mainly in yellow gold jewelry. As for yellow gold bracelet studded with small colorless diamonds, emerald hue brings expressive character to any jewel. Gold diamond bracelet with emeralds looks splendid, but it’s  an excusable luxury for those who can afford it. It is important not to cross the line of good taste and moderation, choosing a minimalist design bracelet, which is not overcharged with precious stones and gold twirls.

White gold bracelets with emeralds

For those who love discreet and not pompous chic, it is recommended to stand for white gold bracelet with emeralds, which clearly shows up. White gold is barely marked in this bracelet, leaving all the laurels to emerald spectacular sparkling.

White gold emerald bracelets complete elegant evening dresses and look stunning with subtle french manicure.

Gold bracelets with emerald eyes fine gold bracelets with emeralds bold gold bracelets with emeralds gold bracelets with diamonds and emeralds elegant classic gold emerald  bracelets


Alexandra Levine

Alexandra Levine

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