Green Prom Dresses 2015

Green prom dresses will be a great addition to your fresh summer style. Green and all its shades are usually relevant in the summer, when the prom takes place, so for you it is a chance to stick pleasant with necessary.

If you like warm shades of green and they suit you, as you’re warm color type blonde, opt for a fashionable khaki prom dress. Shades like khaki, olive, marsh and other variations of military and safari style are in great demand in 2015, including cocktail and evening dresses. If your goal is to look glaring at the prom, then pay attention to dark green or dresses in noble emerald or malachite shade. They are suitable for brunettes and brown-haired ladies.

The green dress looks great with yellow and red accessories. If you prefer elegant minimalism, you can refrain from bright accessories or choose the prom dress in light green or mint shades. They are well suited for fair-skinned blondes.

high low green prom dress 2015
long sleeve green prom dress 2015
A-line bustier green prom dress 2015
mini crystal studded green prom dress 2015
A-line princess style green prom dress 2015
lace turquoise prom dress 2015
fresh green prom dress 2015
mint green prom dress 2015
cold green prom dress 2015
mint green floor length prom dress 2015
dark green prom dress 2015
cutout green prom dress 2015
short bustier green prom dress 2015
cold emerald green prom dress 2015
short green prom dress 2015


Most green prom dresses 2015 reflect the essence of summer with flounces, ruffles, prints with flowers and birds. Girls, whose choice is minimalism, should pay attention to Greek style green prom dresses in with flowing draperies or long dresses with pleated maxi skirts.

Alexandra Levine

Alexandra Levine

Journalist, editor, fashion addict