Hairstyles With & Without Bangs: Celebrity Face Shapes In Focus

Long hairstyle without bangs or a trendy short haircut with bangs? This dilemma is familiar to girls who want make a new haircut to refresh the beauty look without dramatic changes. They’re often looking for some pictures to get the answer to this question: is it worth to chop off straight thick or soft side bangs to soften features or they’d better avoid any bangs?

Fortunately, today we have a wide choice of different computer programs and applications to show up our potential hair changes based just upon a photo. And we also have a thousands of celebrity pictures that can help us to opt for the right haircut with or without bangs.

Here are our selection of pictures with celebrities of different face shapes. Maybe it will be helpful to choose your next haircut – long or short, simple without bangs of modern with short straight or choppy bangs.

Emma Stone: round face with a high forehead

Emma’s big eyes on her wide face is what makes any of her beauty looks amazing. Nevertheless, her face seems more balanced with trendy bangs.

Emma Stone evening hairstyles without bangs

Emma Stone blonde and red hairstyles with bangs

Jenna Louise Coleman: plump face with a sharp chin and wide cheekbones

The same is for Jenna Louise Coleman. With baby face like hers, any haircut is a win, but with side bangs her big beautiful eyes look even more expressive.

Jenna Louise Coleman hairstyles without bangs

Jenna Louise Coleman long and medium hairstyles with bangs

Monica Bellucci: wide round face with aging features

For many years Monica had a preference for long straight hair without bangs, but with ages, which made her face more full and flabby, she wisely chooses hairstyles with thick bangs.

Monica Bellucci long hairstyles without bangs

Monica Bellucci long straight hairstyles with thick bangs

Taylor Swift: oval face with small almond-shaped eyes

Charming Taylor almost always wears bangs on her ash-white hair. All bangs styles fit her face shape, regardless of the length.

Taylor Swift evening updos without bangs

Taylor Swift medium and long hairstyles with thick bangs

Marion Cotillard: balanced oval face with bright blue eyes

The face of Marion Cotillard seems perfect, because it has no flaws that you want to disguise. The French actress looks beautiful with different haircuts.

Marion Cotillard sleek bob haircut without bangs

Marion Cotillard evening updos with short bangs

Melanie Laurent: diamond face shape with a square chin

We have to admit that this blonde with grey eyes looks better without bangs. Naturalness is not an option for everyone, but for Melanie Laurent it is the best beauty choice.

Melanie Lauren long natural hairstyle without bangs

Melanie Laurent medium hairstyles with straight bangs

Dakota Johnson: oval face with a high forehead

Sometimes one smile is enough to make a person attractive. And sometimes you need bangs to cover a high forehead and to draw attention to beautiful clear blue eyes.

Dakota Johnson long hairstyles without bangs

Dakota Johnson long evening hairstyles with straight bangs

Angelina Jolie: rectangular face with wide cheekbones

Light grey eyes and full lips is a good decoration for the face of the actress, who does not really need any bangs. In this case, a simple hairstyle with long hair and an open forehead makes the look feminine and noble.

Angelina Jolie evening hairstyles without bangs

Angelina Jolie with bangs

Jessica Biel: plump diamond face shape with small narrow eyes

A complicated face for make-up artists and hairdressers. To make it balanced, Jessica needs a layered haircut with soft bangs.

Jessica Biel straght parting hairstyle without bangs

Jessica Biel hair with thick straight bangs

Lily Collins: oval face with big eyes and thick eyebrows

The face with such expressive eyes and bold eyebrows is the basic for any haircut.

Lily Collins medium central parting hairstyle

Lily Collins hairstyle with thick bangs

Jennifer Garner: strong angular face with a square jawline

Jennifer has an angular face with a typical man’s structure. It requires airy bangs that will soften coarse features.

Jennifer Garner simple long hairstyles

Jennifer Garner medium hairstyles with soft bangs

Gigi Hadid: round chubby face with small narrow eyes

Flat face with chubby cheeks and narrow eyes is the difficult «working piece» for a supermodel, which was repeatedly criticized for the fact that her face is not suitable for this profession. Gigi looks good in different hairstyles, but with bangs she needs to do more intense eye makeup.

Gigi hadid open forehead hairstyles

Gigi Hadid hairstyle with airy soft straight bangs

Kristen Stewart: elongated oval face with a sharp chin

New Hollywood star is crazy about experiments with haircuts, but she wisely always choose ones without bangs because she has to open her forehead to show up her beautiful almond shaped green eyes.

Kristen Stewart evening hairstyles

Kristen Steward short haircuts with bangs

Liv Tyler: oblong face with a sharp chin

By all the canons we must say that Liv Tyler face shape necessarily requires bangs. However, in real life we see that the actress may appear with different hairstyles and look fabulous.

Liv Tyler wavy hairstyles

Liv Tyler hairstyles with thick bangs

Demi Lovato: round chubby face with bold features

Big bright dark brown eyes attract attention and don’t get lost on the wide round face. Demi Lovato can wear haircuts with and without bangs, varying the length and the color.

Demi Lovato round face hairstyles

Demi Lovato long hairstyles with straight bangs

Kelly Osbourne: pear-shaped face with a heavy jawline

Kelly is a telling example of a complex face shape with a heavy lower part. To switch the attention to the upper area, she needs trendy thick bangs.

Kelly Osbourne short haircuts

Kelly Osbourne hairstyles with thick bangs

Adele: full face with a double chin

Adele’s oval face becomes chubby and shapeless with heavy cheeks and double chin, when the singer is gaining weight. In this case, bangs come to the rescue.

Adele natural hairstyles

Adele hairstyles with long bangs

Lea Seydoux: round face with wide cheekbones

The French actress has the type of appearance that requires short bob haircuts without bangs and long relaxed hairstyle in combination with short bangs.

Lea Seydoux blonde bob haircuts

lea Seydoux loong hairstyles with straight bangs

Christina Ricci: heart-shaped triangular face with a pointed chin

With this type of appearance, combining a high forehead and a prominent chin, Christina hairstyles with straight bangs look more balanced due to the softer features.

Christina Ricci simple long hairstyles

Christina Ricch sleek haircuts with straight bangs

Sarah Jessica Parker: long face with small narrow eyes

The horsey-like face of the actress with long nose is a difficult basic to be canonically beautiful. Currently Parker keeps her long hairstyle with a straight parting without any bangs.

Sarah Jessica Parker long wavy hairstyles

Sarah Jessica Parker hairstyles with bangs

Reese Witherspoon: heart-shaped face with a sharp prominent chin

Beaming Reese Witherspoon is rarely seen in public without bangs. And it’s because her face shape requires such hairstyles to pull off her angular features.

Reese Witherspoon simple evening ahirstyles

Reese Witherspoon hairstyles with bangs

Rumer Willis: long face with small eyes and a heavy jawline

Demi and Bruce daughter has a very heavy face to make beautiful and balanced makeup and hairstyle. Bangs is what she definitely needs to cut the length of her face and make it softer.

Rumer Willis long side hairstyles

Rumer Willis black hairstyles with side swept bangs

Olivia Wilde: square face with wide cheekbones

Olivia has rather delicate face features, and because of that, her face shape doesn’t look heavy and masculine. She looks amazing both with and without bangs, but in the first case her beauty look seems more feminine.

Olivia Wilde without bangs

Olivia Wilde hairstyles with straight and side swept bangs