Jessica Alba Street Style 2015

American sweetheart Jessica Alba calls attention of photographers not only on the red carpet, but also on the street. But not because this smiling beauty is a movie star – attention is drawn to her street looks.

Jessica Alba street style is a mix of elegance and casual which are main features of modern youth style. The actress loves loose knit cardigans, sneakers, high army boots, boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans, leggings, leather jackets. Mini dresses and short skirts also appear in her looks, like classic dark blue officer blazers.

At the airport, the paparazzi caught the actress in a dark blue blazer, cropped blue jeans and a hat – the male-female look works flawlessly.

jessica alba street style (1)

Frayed ripped boyfriend jeans in pair with a knitted sweater with round neck – simple basic look for a walk.

jessica alba street style (2)

Short dress with ruffles and leather jacket – perhaps controversial, but not uninteresting outfit.

jessica alba street style (3)

Denim jacket, army boots, t-shirt with a short skirt and two bags – Jessica loves simplicity with flair.

jessica alba street style (4)

Grey cashmere sweater, flat sneakers, a large rectangular handbag with vivid tucked stained jeans.

jessica alba street style (5)

Thick tights or leggings, long suede boots, long dark green cardigan without buttons, put on denim shirt create the perfect feminine look for fall.

jessica alba street style (6)

Skinny jeans with raspberry jacket complemented with suede ankle boots and leopard bag.

jessica alba street style (7)

Sport casual: marble print leggings, bright sneakers and a long quilted jacket.

jessica alba street style (8)

Soft femininity: long black dress with long grey knit buttoned cardigan.

jessica alba street style (10)