Jewelry Trends 2017: Beautiful Bracelets for Her

Jaunty women’s bracelet is a way to highlight an individual style and your personal trend awareness. It is  also the fashion tool that helps to create the uniform image with the outfit and nail design. You can wear gold bracelets, silver bracelets, leather and plastic bracelets without choosing only one jewelry item, because all these pieces may become a flamboyant detail of your style.

Fashion trends for women’s bracelets 2017:

  • multi-row bracelets – bold, wide and trendy
  • leather bracelets – minimalistic and embellished
  • bracelets with cute charms – inspiration from the childhood
  • open cuff bangles – fashion versatility and one-size-fits-all
  • bracelets with pearls – a touch of classic tenderness
  • chain bracelets – fine and wide bold chains
  • smooth minimalistic bracelets – elegant jewelry items for those who adore minimalism in fashion
  • bracelets with spikes and studs – rock and roll vibes for jewelry
  • lace bracelets – subtle luxury of fine lines and openwork
  • fancy bracelets with birds, animals, flowers
  • ethnic bracelets – vivid authenticity, the oriental influence in bright colors and natural materials
  • belt bracelets – a touch of rude simplicity in leather
  • wooden bangles – eco-friendly and very trendy
  • elegant thin bracelets – tenderness and femininity for any occasion
  • snake shaped bracelets – irresistible luxury accessories with precious gemstones
  • braided ad woven bracelets – when fashion trends and coziness get together

multi row beaded bracelets 2017 multi-row crystal and beaded bangles 2017 gold and silver multi-row cable bracelets yellow gold bracelets with bright stones 2017 leather red bracelets 2017 leather bracelets with white, pink and green crystals leather braided bracelets yellow gold bracelets with charms silver bracelets with charms leather and beaded bracelets with charms bold wide wooden cuff bangles yellow gold cuff bracelets silver cuff bracelets beautiful silver and dark pearl bracelets wide yellow gold bracelets with white pearls luxury white pearl bracelets with diamonds silver and metallic chain bracelets with pearls silver and yellow gold chain bracelets multi-row chain bracelets sleek yellow gold bracelets sleek silver bracelets painted wooden bracelets leather bracelets with metallic studs spike bracelets biker style black bracelets with spikes yellow gold and silver lace bracelets lace silver bracelets gothic bracelets with black stones and yellow gold flower jewelry bracelets bracelets with cats bracelets with an owl and leopard ethnic bracelets tribal style bracelets silver and gold ethnic bracelets black leather belt-bracelets belt bracelets silver belt-bracelets wide wooden bangles dark wood bracelets beaded wooden multi-row bracelets fine elegant bracelets fine gold and silver cuff bracelets fine yellow gold bracelets with diamonds snake yellow gold bracelets snake silver bracelets with blue and black gemstones rose gold snake bracelets snake yellow gold bracelets with diamonds and emeralds grey braided bracelets leather braided bracelets gold and silver braided bracelets