Latest Hair Color Trends 2015

You certainly want to know latest hair color trends for 2015, because each new season you update your habitual beauty look. In 2015 the stylists are ready to transform your hairstyle, drastically or gently if needed, refreshing usual style, applying best hair color tendencies to make your hair modern looking. So, what hair colors are in fashion this year?

First, pay attention to the unnatural hair colors, such as pale and bright pink, different shades of blue, turquoise, and if you wear short hair, you can try punk style with blue and green locks or highlights. Examples of Katy Perry, Kelly Osbourne and other celebrities show that lavender or lilac hair color remains popular. Looks of Rihanna and Kristen Stewart ensure the popularity of all shades of red for hair.

Ombre dye is not losing its popularity, and suitable for both short haircuts and long hair. In 2015 platinum ombre technique and natural looking highlights on the dark hair are in vogue. If you don’t want to change your natural dark hair color, ask your stylist to give them a hot chocolate or cinnamon shade.

For blondes with flawless pale skin it is recommended to try a platinum blonde, which gives sharpness to your personal style. Platinum blond in 2015 was tried on black and latino celebrities with dark skin. If you wear a short pixie haircut or a layered bob, platinum blonde can be your new hair color for 2015.

Golden Blonde Hair Colors

Hollywood classic hairstyle, which look great with bold retro curls. Naomi Watts with her casual slightly wavy bob hairstyle looks amazing with golden blonde hair color, so does Kate Upton with long shining natural Californian blonde.

Latest Hair Color Trends 2015: Golden Blonde
Golden blonde shades for long and medium hairstyles

Platinum Blonde Hair Colors

We have already said that cold platinum blonde is a hair color for short haircuts like classic bob. Not all the time, certainly, because this hair shade can pop your look if you have long thing hair of natural medium ash brown or dark blonde.

Latest Hair Color Trends 2015:  Platinum Blonde
Platinum blonde hair color for long straight and shaggy bob haircuts

Honey and Beige Hair Shades for Blondes

If you are a women of natural warm color type with hazel or brown eyes, olive skin, you have to try warm shades of blonde. Honey of beige blonde hair color doesn’t look too daring and aggressive as platinum does.

Latest Hair Color Trends 2015: Honey Blonde
Warm honet and beige blonde hair colors for long and medium wavy hair

Light Ash Blonde Hair Colors

Ash blonde is a hair color for young girls, because on mature women it can get older look with grey hair. Light ash blonde is preferable for long or medium hairstyles. If you have a short or medium bob, opt for a layered haircut.

Latest Hair Color Trends 2015: Ash Blonde
Lisht ash blonde color for long hair 2015

All Shades of Red for Hair

Plain red, cherry, darker or brighter, for short haircut or long curly or wavy, strait of layered hairstyle – no matter. All shades of red are incredibly in demand this year, especially for summer 2015.

Latest Hair Color Trends 2015: Red Hair Colors 2015
Red hair shades for 2015

Ombre Hair Dye Ideas

Some stylist make ombre dye natural looking, the others try to make purposely artificial effect, that we can see on Rumer Willis picture. The choice is yours, but natural hair color is a better option for women after 25.

Latest Hair Color Trends 2015: Ombre Dye
Modern ombre dye for hair 2015

Contrasting Ombre Hair for Black and Dark Haired Women

Latest Hair Color Trends 2015: Ombre Black Women Hair
Trendy ombre hair dye for black women

Ombre hair style is daring, but not that shocking and unnatural like platinum blonde on black or dark chestnut hair. The roots remain dark, it makes the style hot and trendy, – nor cheap, neither vulgar. If you like Nicki Minaj hairstyle, choose some quality hair products to maintain this cool shade and hair brilliance.

Cinnamon and Chocolate Hair Colors

Cinnamon hair color looks amazing on long straight hair. You have to try this shade on fine long hair. If your locks are thick and you like make beautiful feminine curly hairstyles, chocolate shades are for you. Note please, that cinnamon hair color is good for natural medium brunettes, as for dark chocolate shades, this is an option for winter color type women.

Latest Hair Color Trends 2015: Cinnamon and medium chocolate shades
Cinnamon and chocolate hair colors for medium brown hair 2015

Red Copper Hair Shades

Close to plain red, but look genuine, especially on natural redhead women. You can choose bright copper shade like Emma Stone or Christina Hendricks or dark noble copper color like Bryce Dallas Howard and Jessica Chastain.

Latest Hair Color Trends 2015: Copper Shades
Red copper shades for medium hair 2015

Lilac and Turquoise Hair Colors

Another great option for young girls and very confident women. If you’re not alien to punk style, try different color palettes on your hair. Better do it with short haircuts.

Latest Hair Color Trends 2015: Lilac and Turquoise Hair Colors 2015
Lilac, blue, green, turquoise hair colors for young women anf teen girls


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