Silver Sequin Tops & Blouses 2017: Futuristic Metallic & Party Style

While silver metallic, 80s style and futurism will be in demand in the modern fashion, designers over and over again will include in their collections shirts, tops and blouses in this style. Sparkling silver sequin tops today at the peak of fashion popularity, due to the background trends for retro fashion and the new cosmic futurism with its desire to clothe in metallic all the stuff around.

On the one hand, it may seem that the silver tops have a lot in common with golden blouses. It is the case, because the basis of the style is the precious metal effect with the dazzling radiance of sequins, which was typical for the 80s outfits. But in reality the silver is much different from the gold fabric in the wardrobe.

How to wear silver sequin tops: celebrity and runway style

Silver clothes look and feel colder, they don’t attract the eye so much, and they look neutral and catchy at the same time. If gold sequin tops are to wear with basic neutral pants and skirts, the range of pairs for silver blouses is much wider. For example, you can wear a silver sequin blouse with cool or muted versions of blue, green, purple, and, of course, with the basic flat black and white.

Fashion trends for silver sequin tops and blouses in 2017

long sleeve silver sequin blouse
Blugirl Blumarine
silver sequin crop top
perforated silver sequin crop top
Dadid Koma
simple silver top
Diane von Furstenberg
party sparkling silver sequin top
Dolce & Gabbana
white top with silver sequin applique
knit sequin cardigan
Filles à papa
silver sequin shirt
loose silver sequin tunic
checkered spaghetti silver top
silver sequin party crop top
Loyd Ford
basic silver sequin top
Maurizio Pecoraro
silver sequin t-shirt
silver sequin sporty t-shirt
silver sequin sweatshirt
party sparkling silver sequin t-shirt
Paul & Joe
sleeveless silver sequin top
black and silver summer top
Roberto Cavalli
black blouse embellished with silver sequins
Studio 8
sparkling silver sequin party top
Twin Set