Women’s Coats 2015: Spring-Summer Trends

Stylish women’s coats 2015 for the spring-summer season follow all the canons of fashion that requires ease, romanticism, femininity and even some levity. In the collections you will find women’s coats with a classic style with fitted silhouette, a lot of coat with prints, especially floral patterns and plaid stroke our eyes. The oversize trend diminish its influence, but has no intention to leave catwalks.

Straight cut and clean lines reign in summer coats. Other pieces have no buttons and waist line, you will notice the popularity of retro style, evidenced by shortened sleeves and trapeze or straight silhouette.

We bring you best trends in women’s coats for spring-summer 2015.

Kimono coats

Japanese kimono coat is the most striking spring-summer style. It replaced the oversize trend that is gradually tailing away. Women’s kimono coats have no buttons and ask for a wide belt.

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Oversized coats

You want to wrap up in oversized coats, especially if they are made of soft fabric. New summer coats have loose and rigid cut, similar to the sculptor artwork. This cut is one of the brightest spring summer trends, so here you can pick out your own outerwear highlight.

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Double-breasted trench coats

Classics for in-between-season women’s outerwear. It is perfect to top up the evening gown, cocktail dress or a business suit while windy weather. Shades of beige, ivory and khaki hold the tradition of this style, but if this lightness is not chilli enough for you, choose intense or rich deep colors.

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Short sleeve summer coats

Short sleeve coats replace vests, but have a greater length and more opportunities to combine. Wear the short sleeve coat in retro style, do not pass up sleeveless textiles pieces, particularly if you are not alien to layered looks.

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Cape coats

Cape coats are becoming more diverse, and the fashion brings us to the new capes, which were traditional in the nineteenth century. It’s the perfect outerwear for women of any size, because all types of capes perfectly conceal figure flaws.

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Printed coats

A variety of prints adorn fashionable coat. Small multi-colored pattern, large floral patterns, leopard print and a lot of psychedelic patterns are in high esteem for the coat. They remind us of varicolored stones in the kaleidoscope – flashy, daring and fitting for summer.

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Floral patterned coats

Flowers fearlessly and shamelessly embellish coats as we’ve never seen this before. They settle on the fabric by large cartoonish images, thin applications and embroideries, juicy cheerful floral embodiments, which do not even exist in nature.

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Plaid coats

Spring-summer 2015 is a good time to dust off the plaid coat. Which one do you like more – tartan, Burberry style plaid, chessboard style or the combination of different types and colors inside them?

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Striped coats

The stripe print changes the orientation on the fashionable summer coat in 2015. Striped coats become brighter, acquires original features. We are seeing more coats in yellow-orange, blue-green stripes. Flat horizontal or vertical lines are getting broken, allowing you to retreat from the established canons of this print.

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Leather coats

Leather coats spring-summer 2015 refuse their concise style, known for dark muted shades, and move on to the bright side. That’s why we see so much natural and faux leather coats in very bright shades of a single hue.

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Suede coats

Suede coats gradually appear in modern fashion trends, where they have just returned. The most frequent suede coat colors are khaki, dark shades of red, all shades of brown.

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Denim coats

Spring-summer is the best time for denim coat. Denim fashion looks are changing gradually, moreover, women’s denim coat are rarely made in the same style. This year you’ll find many denim coats with military or safari style.

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Khaki coats

Khaki and other warm shades of green is a nod to military style, which seems unwavering in the outerwear, and the safari style coat, for which the summer is most appropriate time.

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Beige shade coats

Shades of brown and beige, from deep chocolate to almost dissolved to sandy, are popular in any season, they can be easily detected in the classic trench coats, capes, and short sleeve retro coats.

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Gray shade coats

Gray is not the new black, but the new beige – with all the accompanying advantages.

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Light blue shade coats

In the collections of fashion coats for spring-summer 2015 you will find lots of patterns in shades of blue, many of them will be far from sky blue, because its pale and cold versions are winning their fashion stands.

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Bright shade coats

Just look at some of the collections, and you will definitely discern coats in orange, sunny yellow, grass green or light-green, sky-blue, red in single color version as well as their combination in prints.

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Alexandra Levine

Alexandra Levine

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