Women’s Shearling Coats and Jackets Fall-Winter 2016-2017

Sheepskin outerwear remains a great alternative to the coats and jacket. This is a typically winter item of clothing, which you won’t need you if you live in a climate with moderate temperature, and become truly indispensable if extreme cold weather is a reality of your winter routine.

Modern women’s shearling coats and jackets are very similar to each other: the years of staying among the trending winter outerwear haven’t changed much their design. However, fashion brands prove that shearling coat is not a boring clothing. All depends on the basic outfit, over which you wear your coat and of how you to wear it. Even a simple sheepskin jacket over the shoulders or relaxed unbuttoned sheepskin coat are able to make your fashion attire vivid and racy.

As expected, in the season when the military style with soft shades of khaki and brown reigns over many others, this color scheme features shearling. As well as dark blue, cold green and shades of white from warm ivory and sandy to dirty and classy pearl.

Bright contrasts and patchwork style are also in vogue for sheepskin jackets.

A.L.C shearling jacket fall-winter 2016-2017
Adeam shearling coat fall-winter 2016-2017
Balenciaga shearling jacket fall-winter 2016-2017
Belstaff shearling coat fall-winter 2016-2017
Burberry shearling jacket fall-winter 2016-2017
Chloé shearling sweater fall-winter 2016-2017
Cédric Charlier short shearling jacket fall-winter 2016-2017
Cédric Charlier
Chloé oversized shearling jacket fall-winter 2016-2017
Hermès shearling jacket fall-winter 2016-2017
Lacoste long shearling coat fall-winter 2016-2017
Christian Wijnants green shearling coat fall-winter 2016-2017
Christian Wijnants
Louis Vuitton khaki shearling coat fall-winter 2016-2017
Louis Vuitton
Maison Margiela shearling cape coat fall-winter 2016-2017
Maison Margiela
McQ Alexander McQueen long white shearling coat fall-winter 2016-2017
McQ Alexander McQueen
Neil Barrett short zip shearling jacket fall-winter 2016-2017
Neil Barrett
Opening Ceremony shearling jacket fall-winter 2016-2017
Opening Ceremony
Sacai overzised shearling coat fall-winter 2016-2017
Topshop Unique shearling coat fall-winter 2016-2017
Topshop Unique
Trademark shearling coat fall-winter 2016-2017