Women’s shoes spring-summer 2015

Women’s shoes spring-summer 2015 explores the ethnic theme and demonstrate how diverse it can be. The most popular designer’s theme were Japan and Ancient Rome, but the Middle Ages style sometimes lurks in low beveled heel and sandals with ribbons that encircle the ankle and the boots with metal rectangular buckles.  Flat shoes and stylish pumps with leather straps, wedge heels and high platform are becoming popular again as well as shoes with wooden soles and heels.

Python and crocodile print shoes

Animal prints are still present in women’s fashion and men’s shoes in 2015. This trend does not carry any aggression, just like in the handbags spring-summer 2015, where it also presented widely. Many sandals with classic snake drawings in warm shades of green and brown, you can also find boots with pointed toes with crocodile print.

Python and crocodile print shoes spring summer 2015

The low flip-flops

This is one of the most comfortable shoes, and, without a doubt, the most favorite footwear for women for the summer. Flip-flops are easy to put on and take off in one move and low sole makes it easy to hold on the feet for many hours. If you like high heels, buy at least one pair of beautiful leather sandals without heels or in low heels, and your summer will be much more joyful.

The low flip-flops spring summer 2015

Military style sandals

Can women’s sandals cease to be exceptionally graceful model and have some warlike traits? They are able try on the military style, but without losing its feminine appearance. They perfectly fit into any women’s outfit, and the wide straps with thin metal buckles. If you like the military style, you can find shoes in its the typical colors, with multiple straps, combined with wide square heels.

Military style sandals spring summer 2015

Lace shoes with thin straps

Summer is the time when you want to release your legs, but it is possible not only with the full uncovering. Now you can even wear closed shoes, decorated with the finest leather straps, metal parts, leather strips, and the laces, which on the one hand refer to the Roman style, on the other – to the aggressive bondage, especially in combination with black lacquered leather.

Lace up shoes with thin straps spring summer 2015

Footwear with wooden soles

Wooden sole, thick platform of wood and wooden heels are a big trend in spring-summer 2015. This clearly manifests the intention to make shoes authentic Japanese styled, the return of the summer shoes traditions and the use of environmentally friendly natural materials.

Footwear with wooden soles spring summer 2015

Retro style shoes

Retro-style shoes have low heel, wide and very comfortable, the strap on the ankle with a thin buckle, rounded toe. These are the characteristics, which were peculiar for shoes in mostly in the mid-twentieth century, but in the spring-summer 2015 we have seen the 80s-90s style shoes as well. These sandals have the combination of platform and high heels, shiny leather or material shoes, metal buckle or ornament in the form of a large flower on the toe.

Retro style shoes spring summer 2015

Roman style boots and shoes

Roman boots, shoes and ankle boots have become one of the most striking trends in shoes for spring-summer 2015. Roman style boots are boots with numerous leather straps, almost completely transparent, as well as ankle boots. A lot of shoes and flip-flops on a flat sole with a typical Roman style leather straps and heels were shown on the catwalk.

Roman style boots spring summer 2015

Roman style boots and shoes spring summer 2015


Japanese style shoes if not the most popular because of their questionable facilities for everyday wear, but, without any doubt, the most striking and memorable. New looks of Japanese clogs charm with huge wooden and plastic platforms, plastic flowers, beveled heels. You can discover modern version of fashionable clogs, and shoes that close to authentic Japanese clogs.

Clogs spring summer 2015

Silver and gold shoes

Gold and silver decorate spring and summer shoes and boots, combining with textured leather and with shameless dazzling shining. Where to go in these shoes? Most likely they will look good with cocktail dresses spring-summer 2015, which also have enough lights.

gold shoesspring summer 2015

Silver shoes spring summer 2015

Thick heel and platform shoes

Maximalism is ruled summer shoes, and this is evident in the form of huge platforms, very high, and at the same time thick massive heels. It is also one of the trends that sends us to the Middle Ages, when women tried to be as high as possible, specially trained to walk in these shoes. Modern women are no particular need to learn to walk in heels and thick platforms, because shoemakers properly think about the comfort of any shoe style.

Thick heel and platform shoes spring summer 2015

Lace and perforated breathable shoes

Breathable shoes now available for any season, but you will definitely need them in the spring and summer. Fully open shoes are not necessarily summer sandals, but boots and ankle boots as well. Women have no more restrictions on the wearing of this style of shoes in the warmer months. Now they may not hesitate to combine their fashionable summer dresses 2015 with lace shoes, ankle boots with perforation and other options of shoes, which helps to draw attention to shapely legs.

Lace and perforated breathable shoes spring summer 2015

Wedge shoes

Wedge for spring-summer 2015 was back in fashion, doing more confident steps on the catwalk, getting into more and more collections of designer shoes. You can find wedge shoes in classic and antique style with a curved heel. Wedge heel can decorate elegant evening shoes, completely merging with the shoe color and appear in the summer sandals, especially in common version, where light wooden wedge heel combined with light leather or textile.

Wedge shoes spring summer 2015

Sport style shoes

If something appeared in the collections of Chanel or Burberry, you can consider it the absolute trend of the season, even if other fashion houses ignored or accepted it reluctantly. We continue to wear sneakers, preferring completely white, or bright multicolor models, which easily fit into summer vacation wardrobe.

Sport style shoes spring summer 2015

Women’s loafers

Loafers conquer more and more basic forms of women’s shoes. They are more numerous, appear in the collections with heels and without, with sharp and rounded toes, in a neutral men’s style and adapting latest trends, such as perforation in the block, gold or silver metallic, elastic bands, sport style, or more like an elegant minimalist pumps.

Women's loafers spring summer 2015

Shoes with floral prints and appliques

Flowers are the main decoration for shoes and clothing for the spring-summer season, and 2015 no exception. If you like this decoration, you can easily find shoes, where floral prints and appliques combined with embroidery and inlaid with stones and fine crystals.

Shoes with floral prints and appliques spring summer 2015

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